Here's a growing list of local and national safety precautions and related interruptions taken in the aftermath of this afternoon's Boston Marathon bombing:

Tuesday, April 16

  • Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House is still closed to pedestrian traffic.
  • Also in D.C., trash cans near Capitol buildings have been overturned and emptied.
  • Emerson College and UMass Boston are among the Boston schools closed today.
  • Security has been bolstered for Margaret Thatcher's Wednesday funeral.

Monday, April 15

  • Mayor Bloomberg told reporters that New York City's "counter-terrorism infrastructure" was being "fully mobilized," including 1,000 members of the NYPD prepared for counter-terrorism duties.
  • Cell phone service has been shut down in the Boston area to prevent any remote detonations, according to the Associated Press. Updated 6:09pm: The AP has retracted its first report that cell phone service was shut down and is now reporting that service was erratic because of high traffic.
  • Secret Service shut down Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House, cordoning off the area with yellow police tape, according to CBS.
  • The FAA has declared a ground stop for Boston's Logan Airport until further notice.
  • Tufts Medical Center was evacuated with family members and visitors ordered to leave, but not patients.
  • In Boston, the MBTA Green Line isn't running between Kenmore and Park Street Stations. Update, 5:47pm: Service has resumed with delays.
  • NYPD cars are have descended on Times Square.
  • Police are asking everyone in Boston to stay home.
  • Los Angeles Metro security is on a heightened state of alert, though normal bus and rail service continues.
  • MTA security has been beefed up, with bag checks instituted.
  • Security checks installed at Boston's North Station.
  • Heavily-armed guards on patrol at Mass General Hospital.
  • The official Boston Marathon Twitter actually had to announce that the Post-Race Party has been cancelled. Uh, thanks?

[AP Photo by Charles Krupa]