The highlights of this week's hate mail are a rag-tag bunch of loveably confused writers seeking to make reservations, give us prizes, and dole out some thoughtful encouragement.

A cry flung far.

SUBJECT: Your choice of words
Really? Your going to start the homophobic name calling this early in the morning? I could care less what your opinion of other people is, but when you start calling people faggots in the ope ing lines of your story, then you are pathetic.
You should be fired. Your are a far cry from a journalist.
Writers like you and story's like this are what makes me stop reading your blog.

Someone caught on to our secret effort to loosen our readers.

SUBJECT: ad pop ups
Just a note from a daily reader...
I was doing my morning Gawker review, and upon clicking on the 'gun article' got the pop up add. If you pursue the 'pop up ad before you can read an article' strategy, you're going to loose readers... and I'll be the first... I'm just saying!

Book club!

SUBJECT: self education
I've been looking at your site and it seems that you are a little confused about life in general and politics in particular.
I suggest you read Ted Nugent's book, Ted, White and Blue. Although Mr. Nugent's views are a little left of center, you may find some interesting facts about being an American and being a patriot. It seems that you missed a few history classes along the way
[Name Redacted]

Dear writer: consider this your confirmation. We only accept bills folded into paper cranes.

SUBJECT: Reservation.
Good day,
I want to make a Reservation for a group of 4 people coming to your area from 20th to 30th of June 2013. Please do tabulate/write down the total cost of the accommodation for the 10 Nites.
We will prefer 2 double rooms but if is not available then we will go for 4 single rooms OR an apartment that will be ok for the 4 persons for the 10 Nights. Also we will be happy if any special discount is given to us.
Get back to me immediately with the total cost, and kindly confirm if you accept check payment.
Kind Regards.

This story was covered by Deadspin, a site that covers sports in addition to breaking news and internal memos from sorority girls.

SUBJECT: What, no profile on Pat Summerall?
Sure, he retired years ago, but he was still a pretty big figure in sports commentary. Come on, show Pat some respect.

We don't know either!

SUBJECT: What were they thinking?
Sent from my iPad

That's a lovely sentiment. Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams. Continue to do so.

SUBJECT: I wish...
the Gawker site had the ability to like a comment. That would be so cool.

I wish I knew what this correspondent was going on about because he or she maintains a cheerful attitude while spouting all sorts of gibberish.

SUBJECT: (no subject)
Nothing would be their own thing only I would like to take advantage of the attendance of the blog so that let all two halves have luck. I would not like to write my idea down yet with what it's very simple, and from themselves it would be able to be made. if he interests you then after an entering into a contract I describe everything in detail! the contract would be about nothing only from that direction that let it not be allowed to be made without me ,and from the percentile division!

Thank you. I also agree that it's the thought that counts.

SUBJECT: You won
Your won

Your parenthetical request is granted, dear reader.

SUBJECT: What happened to your site?
Those comments sections, which used to be a lot of funny banter between educated people, have become vile cesspools of racism. It's your site, do what you want - but man, that can't be good for traffic. I mean, I don't really like coming there anymore. (By the way, Mail of Tears is hilarious and you need to go back to that)
Thanks for your time.

That's all. Have a lovely weekend.