Low on cash? Florida's here to help you out with one of its signature, foolproof money-making schemes: stealing baby formula.

The Sun Sentinel reports the fall of baby formula's Bonnie and Clyde, Sonya Barbour and Glen Martin. Date night for the couple meant a jaunt to a Palm Springs Walmart, where they attempted to run off with two dozen cans of formula. On Thursday morning, Barbour, 32, and her fiance Martin, 31, placed the cans in their infant son's baby stroller and covered their haul with a blanket. The lumpy ghost-baby looked suspicious to a couple of Walmart employees and a police officer, who eventually found 117 more cans of the stuff lodged behind their front car seats.

Their stash is worth about $2,389, cash that they normally use to buy formula of a more adult variety; the couple said they spend about $200 a day on pain pills combined.

Martin said he's stolen about 500 cans a week for the past six months, while Barbour sells them to a lady she meets in a grocery store parking lot. So far, Martin managed to rake in about $90,000.

In the past week alone, southern grocery stores have seen a rash of baby formula thievieries. Kroger stores in Tennessee recently installed security cameras in the baby aisles of their stores in order to protect the pricey items.

For other frugal couples looking to save money on a newborn, there's always breast milk—though it doesn't sell quite as well.

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