A husband is suing his wife of barely a week for stealing $72,000 worth of wedding gifts, according to the New York Post. She allegedly kept the $24,000 two-carat diamond engagement ring, snatched a pile of cash and checks on her way out, and absconded with two gold necklaces, three diamond necklaces, a gold bracelet, and a gold ring.

The Brooklyn husband, Kevin Li, had been courting 33-year-old Amy Chan for a year, the suit says. She became pregnant, and the couple got engaged—but Chan allegedly wouldn't marry him because she was on a waiting list for a FiDi apartment. They both work in finance, and their combined salaries would have disqualified Chan, Li said.

So they celebrated unofficially by throwing a giant dim sum party in Chinatown for 100 friends and family, which sounds like the world's most fantastic brunch. But not for Li. If his claims are to be believed, the couple entrusted the wedding gifts to Chan's mother's safekeeping, and Li never saw them again.

Things got even worse after a few days, when Chan allegedly slept over at her parents' apartment and returned to Li only to grab more gifts. The suit says she escaped with the $36,500 "betrothal payment" Li made to Chan's mom, which is supposed to be invested back into the couple's marriage. Within a week, that too was gone when she dumped him, Li claims.

The Post got in touch with Chan, who had choice words for her newly minted ex. "He's lying," she said. "He is a devil."

That's not all: Chan alleged that Li cut off communication first, mistreated her sons, and also stole gifts. So perhaps they'll call that last part even?

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