When a six-year-old boy in Alaska climbed onto the roof of his parents' van as it sat in their driveway, he probably wasn't expecting to take a ride along a highway while still atop the van. Unfortunately, for the boy and his parents, that's just what happened, and the boy fell from the van's roof after three miles.

"We think the kid was riding on the roof where there are bars," Alaska State Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen told the Anchorage Daily News, before adding that the boy is something of a daredevil. "He has apparently done it before," she said.

After three miles, the boy lost his grip and tumbled to the ground. Another motorist spotted the six-year-old in the road, stopped, took him to a nearby gas station and called 911.

Meanwhile, at the boy's home, a family member called police to report that the boy had gone missing. Authorities contacted the boy's parents, who met him at the gas station.

Somewhat amazingly, the boy only suffered minor cuts and bruises. Perhaps because of the lack of injuries, the incident is being treated as an accident by authorities, and no charges were filed.

[Image via AP]