Police in Greenwich, Connecticut have arrested 73-year-old Janina Slomiana on six counts of criminal mischief for vandalizing neighborhood cars with possibly “some sort of metal screw or chunk of metal” this Sunday (pictures here). They’re also looking at 20 other cases of vandalism reported in the neighborhood this summer, one including a truck with over $6500 in damage.

Her next-door neighbor reports that her car was damaged and another woman who saw Slomiana scraping a car with her undetermined-metal-thingy alerted the police.

Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray, when asked why the woman would do such a thing, answered, “I don’t know the answer to that. She’s the only one that does.” When CBS2 reporter John Slattery confronted Slomiana and asked if she committed the alleged crimes, she denied involvement and then closed her front door.

Police say she lives alone and takes walks everyday, therefore she has the “opportunity to do the deed.” Because people who don’t live alone could never do such a thing.

[Screengrab image via CBS2]