Eight people died on Monday when a building in Gyeongju, South Korea, collapsed. At least 65 more were injured.

The resort building had been host to a welcoming party for freshmen at Busan University of Foreign Affairs, which about 560 people attended. Although the cause of the collapse has yet to be determined, officials did say the building's roof was packed with heavy snow. The BBC reports:

"The ceiling came crashing down at the front near the stage," one student told South Korea's YTN news channel. "Then pandemonium broke out and everyone started rushing towards the exits, shouting and screaming," he added.

The snow, which was unusually heavy this week, is also believed to have impeded rescue efforts. In addition to the eight dead, 17 people suffered serious injuries and another 58 escaped with minor injuries. At least ten people are still believed to be trapped.

[Image via @bbcworldservice/Twitter]