Blake Lively's Husband Is Really Good With Diarrhea

Professionally charming 38-year-old Ryan Reynolds is expecting a baby with his wife, blogger Blake Lively. Reynolds, who once played a superhero in a movie, wants you to know he's not going to be like a regular dad, he's going to be a cool dad. » 11/24/14 10:03am 29 minutes ago

Sign of Apocalypse: Real Housewives of Atlanta Now Quoting Shakespeare

Occasionally, one might make the mental note that the Real Housewives franchise is vaguely Shakespearean, and then file that note away under "Don't tell anyone I thought that." Who but the Bard, however, could adequately capture Kenya's feelings regarding accusations of whoredom? » 11/24/14 9:25am Today 9:25am

Report: Miley Cyrus' Ex-Fiancé Sent Jennifer Lawrence a Love Koala

If you felt a rattling last night as you slept off your weekend hangover, don't worry: that was just the stars aligning for one Jennifer Lawrence, who is destined to be loved by all for eternity. According to a report in The Independent, J-Law's got a new suitor now that she's done with Gwyneth Paltrow's estranged… » 11/24/14 8:38am Today 8:38am

Bill Cosby Is "America's Greatest Serial Rapist": Another Woman Speaks

Adding to the deafening cries of women who have accused Bill Cosby of abuse, former model Jewel Allison told the New York Daily News that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in the late 1980s in his New York home. » 11/24/14 8:11am Today 8:11am

Here's Waka Flocka Flame's Surreal Pine Bros Cough Drops Commercial

The undisputed highlight of this year's miserable American Music Awards (airing now — Iggy Azalea performed and won Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album) was this Pine Bros cough drops commercial featuring rapper/ inadvertent (and welcome) homewrecker/Amanda Bynes collaborator/blunt-roller employer/Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast… » 11/23/14 9:40pm Yesterday 9:40pm

Darren Wilson Auditioned a Bunch of TV Anchors This Week

Turns out Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is only in hiding when he wants to be—over the last week or so, he reportedly auditioned at least five TV anchors at a "secret location" in preparation for a sympathetic interview. » 11/23/14 8:30pm Yesterday 8:30pm

Andrew Cuomo Slams Nat'l Weather Service Over His Own Ignorance

Four months ago, Andrew Cuomo falsely stated that New York just recently started seeing tornadoes. On Saturday, the governor gave a press conference where he slammed meteorologists for their largely accurate Buffalo snow forecasts. As usual, Andrew Cuomo is clueless. » 11/23/14 6:28pm Yesterday 6:28pm

Rudy Giuliani: Cops Exist to Stop Black People From Killing Each Other

On an episode of NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday morning, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani made some egregiously misplaced statements regarding the disproportionately heavy population of white police officers in black communities. Instead of focusing on the issue at hand, Giuliani went on to lament… » 11/23/14 3:30pm Yesterday 3:30pm

Source: Female Letterman Staffers Required to Watch Cosby Eat Curry

As the delicate structure of "no comments" that makes up Bill Cosby's legacy begins to crack, and more and more women come forward with details of Cosby's sexual assault and rape, another detail has emerged that adds to the growing pile: Bill Cosby allegedly requested that female Letterman staffers watch him eat curry… » 11/23/14 1:55pm Yesterday 1:55pm