This Is "All About That Bass," As Performed by an Actual Bass Singer

Meghan Trainor's chart-topping "All About That Bass," has plenty of issues—its muddled message about body positivity and self-acceptance, for starters— but the most common, whingingly pedantic knock on the song is that it's, um, technically *slides glasses up bridge of nose* mostly treble. » 10/24/14 2:20pm 47 minutes ago

At Least Three Wounded in Shooting at Washington High School

Police in Marysville, Washington have reportedly confirmed an active shooter at Pilchuck High School. Shots were fired near the school's cafeteria and students are locked in their classrooms, according to a teacher who spoke with KIRO. There are unconfirmed reports of six injuries, and a Life Flight helicopter has… » 10/24/14 2:11pm 56 minutes ago

Honey Boo Boo's Mama June Shannon: I'm Not Dating a Child Molester

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo mother "Mama" June Shannon denies the alleged relationship between herself and convicted child molester Mark McDaniel in a video she uploaded to her daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson's Facebook page. TLC cancelled their show today and announced that the episodes filmed for the show's… » 10/24/14 1:58pm Today 1:58pm

Anjelica Huston Says Ryan O'Neal Brutally Assaulted Her: "I Saw Stars"

In her new memoir, Watch Me, 63-year-old actress Anjelica Huston writes that her ex-boyfriend Ryan O'Neal brutally assaulted her at a Beverly Hills party in the late 1970s after she didn't immediately return from the bathroom. "He turned on me, grabbed me by the hair and hit me in the forehead with the top of his… » 10/24/14 1:50pm Today 1:50pm

Hewlett-Packard Imitated HBO's Silicon Valley By Hiring Flo Rida to Rap

Last night, Hewlett-Packard hosted a launch event for its new Helion Development platform at Temple, a nightclub in San Francisco's Financial District. To celebrate cloud computing, the company offered guests a giant fake pink cloud, "loads of light up glow sticks," and a performance by Flo Rida. » 10/24/14 1:42pm Today 1:42pm

Lorelai and Chandler to Kiss on CBS's Odd Couple Reboot

Somewhere between Stars Hollow and Central Perk, Lorelai Gilmore and Chandler Bing met over an extra-large cup of coffee, traded a few exhausting jokes, and fell in love. That is, at least, the backstory some—not saying who specifically, but some—might tell themselves in advance of Lauren Graham's appearance on the… » 10/24/14 1:34pm Today 1:34pm

Twitter Teaching the Homeless to Code In Exchange for Tax Break

The last time a startup programmer taught a homeless man to code, the naive vanity project failed. A few engineering lessons failed to solve socioeconomic realities and the man was still sleeping in the streets eight months later. But Twitter has higher hopes for its new "learning center" where employees can "teach… » 10/24/14 1:25pm Today 1:25pm

The Insane and Inspiring Plan for Affordable Housing in Gotham

New York City real estate is too expensive to afford for most people who are not foreign billionaires. Mayor Bill De Blasio has vowed to build 200,000 new units of affordable housing in the next decade. Is that even possible? The experts say: Uhhh..... » 10/24/14 1:00pm Today 1:00pm

Sheryl Crow's $11M Los Angeles Home Had the Perfect Real Estate Listing

Some real estate listings are good, some are bad. Some tell the truth, some lie. Some don't have dicks in them, others do. None of them are perfect, except this one-photo listing for the L.A. compound Sheryl Crow just sold for $11 million. » 10/24/14 12:31pm Today 12:31pm

Annie Lennox Whitewashes Explanation of "Strange Fruit"

Annie Lennox, who recently boiled down what Beyoncé does to "twerking" to dismiss Bey's feminism, was less specific though still not quite...right when when Tavis Smiley asked her about covering "Strange Fruit" on her new album Nostalgia. Popularized by Billie Holiday in 1939, "Strange Fruit" is a song about racism… » 10/24/14 12:08pm Today 12:08pm