Georgia Cops Shot Homeowner and Killed Dog After Responding to Wrong House

A man who was injured after three DeKalb County police mistakenly responded to his Georgia home Monday night was shot by one of the responding officers, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a statement today. Police also killed the homeowner’s dog and may have seriously wounded a fellow officer.
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Here Is a Good, Correct Reading of What's Bad About Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen makes it deceptively easy to criticize Jonathan Franzen. Yes, he sounds like a boob when he talks about himself, but that’s not really what’s wrong with him, or not really what’s wrong with his writing, if you are one of the people who has the feeling that there is something wrong with his writing.… » 9/01/15 1:23pm Today 1:23pm

How to Ask Your Partner for Sex So They'll Enthusiastically Say Yes

Let’s get real: couples can start getting lazy initiating sex. Who here hasn’t tried to initiate sex by clumsily groping at their partner, or blurting out, “I guess it’s been a while. Should we do it?” It might feel easier, but it can also feel wildly impersonal. Let’s talk about how to initiate sex in a way that will… » 9/01/15 1:12pm Today 1:12pm

150 High Schoolers Walk Out Over Trans Classmate Using the Girls' Locker Room

Around 150 students at Hillsboro (Mo.) High School walked out of school Monday to protest against a trans classmate using the girls’ locker room during gym class. Thirty or forty students also protested in support of Lila Perry, a Hillsboro senior who has identified as female since age 13 and came out as trans last… » 9/01/15 12:35pm Today 12:35pm

Latest Interchangeable James Bond Novelist Says Idris Elba Is "Too Street" to Be Bond

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Anthony Horowitz, the novelist most recently selected to add a book to the James Bond canon, spoke about why he thinks Idris Elba wouldn’t accurately inhabit the character. “It’s not a color issue,” he asserted immediately. Hmm—sounds like his story probably checks out, let’s see. » 9/01/15 11:21am Today 11:21am

Andrew Garfield Released From Money Prison

The actor Andrew Garfield, who is dating Emma Stone (confirmed: paparazzi spotted them at lunch this weekend—see for yourself), played the Amazing Spider-Man in the The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014. Was this a fun and lucrative opportunity for Andrew Garfield? Only the second thing. » 9/01/15 11:07am Today 11:07am

Here's How New Texas Public School Textbooks Write About Slavery

In 2010, the Texas Board of Education approved a revised social studies curriculum that, wrote The New York Times that year, would “put a conservative stamp on history” once going into effect in 2015. In advance of their debut in Texas classrooms last week, it was widely reported that the new textbooks, published by… » 9/01/15 10:36am Today 10:36am

Kentucky Clerk Still Denying Gay Marriage Licenses, Says God Overrules Supreme Court

Kim Davis, the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, continued to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples Tuesday, in defiance of the Supreme Court’s direct order that she do so. Davis, an elected official, had asked to be excused from that part of her job on religious grounds. The Court denied her appeal Monday.… » 9/01/15 10:10am Today 10:10am

ISIS Demolishes Second 2000-Year-Old Temple in Ancient Syrian City

One week after detonating the 2,000-year-old temple of Baalshamin, ISIS has destroyed a second ancient temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra. Tuesday morning, the UN released satellite photos confirming the demolition of the Temple of Bel, which dates back to 32 B.C.
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Cops: Man Shot Outside WWE Performance Center Had Knife, Obsession With Female Wrestler

Police officers shot a man outside of the WWE Performance Center near Orlando, Fla., on Monday afternoon. According to police, the man was armed with a knife and was at the performance center, where police had previously encountered him three times, because of an obsession with a female wrestler. » 8/31/15 11:30pm Yesterday 11:30pm

Over 200 Of Hillary Clinton's Emails Contain Classified Information

Hillary Clinton has been dealing with a months-long migraine atop her many other migraines after it was revealed that she used a private email server to conduct official secretary of state business. Nothing classified was sent over the insecure server, she insisted, and the hype was partisan overreaction. It turns… » 8/31/15 9:40pm Yesterday 9:40pm