Fox News Anchor Remembers Video of Muslims Celebrating 9/11, Can't Remember If It Was Pakistan or Paterson

“So I remember this day, and I stood on the New York side and I watched the plane fly into the tower. I remember the next day, and I remember the news reports, and I remember specifically the news reports about Jersey City. They said people were on the roofs watching the planes fly in. They were tipped off prior to… »23 minutes ago12/01/15 11:28pm


Colorado Lawmaker: Planned Parenthood the "Real Culprit" in Fatal Shooting

On Monday, in a statement provided to The Colorado Independent, Colorado state representative JoAnn Windholz blamed Planned Parenthood for the deadly shooting that left three dead and nine injured at its Colorado Springs clinic last week. »Today 10:50pm12/01/15 10:50pm

Ben Carson: Refugees Can't Come to the U.S. Because Our Racism Could Turn Them Into Terrorists

Last month, The Onion ran an article with the headline “GOP Warns Refugees Likely to Be Driven to Terrorism by Way America Treats Them.” Ha ha!, we said. What a funny and absurd idea—what a farce! Now, two weeks later, that Onion headline has been given the gift of life. And it would like you to call it “Ben Carson.” »Today 10:21pm12/01/15 10:21pm

Providence's Dancing Traffic Cop Got Fired Again

Tony Lepore, the “Dancing Cop” of Providence, Rhode Island, was fired last week, after he organized a protest against a Dunkin Donuts worker who wrote “#blacklivesmatter” on a police officer’s cup. On Tuesday, the Associated Press reports, he was fired again—well, “disinvited”—from his new gig, in East Providence. »Today 10:02pm12/01/15 10:02pm

Cleveland Police Officer Claims He Told Tamir Rice to Show His Hands Three Times in Two Seconds Before Shooting Him

In a statement to investigators, Officer Timothy Loehmann claims that he and his partner shouted, “Show me your hands” at least three times at Tamir Rice before fatally shooting him, the Associated Press reports. “I knew it was a gun and I knew it was coming out,” Loehmann said. »Today 7:24pm12/01/15 7:24pm

The HIV-Positive College Wrestler "Tiger Mandingo" Never Had a Chance in Court

When the criminal trial of the HIV-positive college wrestler Michael Johnson began, BuzzFeed reports reports, his lawyer immediately fumbled her words, advising the jury her client was “guilty until proven innocent.” It was an inauspicious start to a trial that seemed, in retrospect, to have been stacked against the… »Today 6:29pm12/01/15 6:29pm

Mark Zuckerberg Will Donate Massive Fortune to Own Blinkered Worldview

In a savvy PR maneuver, today Mark Zuckerberg used the birth of his daughter Max to advertise to the world the fact that he’s decided to give away 99% of his Facebook shares (roughly $45 billion today) to charity (over the course of the rest of his life, not all at once). It sounds angelic, but it will probably end up… »Today 6:09pm12/01/15 6:09pm

Listen to Decades-Old Audio of Reagan's Press Secretary and White House Reporters Cackling About AIDS

There is an infamous discussion from 1982 between Ronald Reagan’s press secretary Larry Speakes and reporter Lester Kinsolving in the White House briefing room about the then-oncoming AIDS crisis, in which Speakes cackles derisively when Kinsolving asks if the Reagan administration was taking any steps to address the… »Today 4:35pm12/01/15 4:35pm

Giuliani's Example of People Cheering on 9/11 Was Actually Just a Hate Crime

Former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani isn’t saying Donald Trump is right about his unambiguous claim that “thousands and thousands of people were cheering” in Jersey on 9/11. But he’s also not saying that Donald Trump isn’t not right. And to back up his timorous show of support, Giuliani trotted out a… »Today 3:20pm12/01/15 3:20pm

Martin O'Malley Asks Democrats to Memorize His Face In Case Hillary Dies 

Martin O’Malley is now campaigning to be Democrats’ “second choice” for president, which isn’t a thing. But the former governor of Maryland announced his futile goal today in a meeting with House Dems, who have mostly all said they support Hillary Clinton, in an apparent attempt to remind them that he still exists. »Today 3:10pm12/01/15 3:10pm