Cops Find Rifle Connected to Rogue PA Police Barracks Shooting Suspect

It's been nine days since alleged gunman Eric Frein opened fire at a Pennsylvania police barracks, killing one officer and injuring another, and police have yet to discover his whereabouts. On Sunday, police conducting the search announced they'd discovered a rifle Frein had abandoned in the woods. » 9/21/14 4:35pm Today 4:35pm

Leo DiCaprio, Sting, Mark Ruffalo March in NYC People's Climate March

Today's worldwide People's Climate March is off to an exciting start as over 100,000 people are expected to flood the streets of New York City, alongside many thousands of others in London, Melbourne, and other cities around the globe. » 9/21/14 1:30pm Today 1:30pm

Police: U.S. Man Confesses to Murdering Girlfriend's Mother in Bali

Tommy Schaefer, a 21-year-old American who was on vacation with his girlfriend and mother in Bali, has confessed to the murder of 62-year-old Sheila von Wiese-Mack, whose body was discovered stuffed in a bloody suitcase by a local taxi driver on August 13, police say. » 9/21/14 11:35am Today 11:35am

Rihanna, Amber Heard Nudes Are the Latest in Second Wave of Leaked Pics

A few hours after several new stolen celebrity nudes were posted to Reddit yesterday, new items from an apparently extensive collection of hacked celebrity photos started to pop up—including photos allegedly of Gabrielle Union, Kate Bosworth, Hayden Panetierre, and Lake Bell, and private videos said to feature Aubrey… » 9/21/14 11:00am Today 11:00am

This, Not That: Stories From the Week You Should Read

The trust we extend to others, though not always easily offered, is easily broken. For example, the faith we put into our sports heroes to be exceptional individuals on and off the field, only to eventually find out they aren't as strong-willed and as honorable as we dreamed (or, more accurately, we finally face up to… » 9/21/14 9:00am Today 9:00am

Police Say No Probable Cause to Arrest Person of Interest in UVA Case

After police in Charlottesville searched the apartment of a UVA nursing assistant seen by eyewitnesses with his arm around Hannah Graham's waist on the night she went missing, the Daily Mail reports that authorities say they have no probable cause to arrest him. » 9/20/14 5:55pm Yesterday 5:55pm

New Leaked Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian West Nudes Hit Reddit

Early Saturday morning, a new round of celebrity nudes was dumped on 4chan and Reddit, TMZ reports. The new round of leaked photos includes intimate selfies of Kim Kardashian West and Vanessa Hudgens, and new photos of soccer goalie Hope Solo, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kaley Cuoco, all three of whom appeared in the cache… » 9/20/14 3:35pm Yesterday 3:35pm

49 Hostages Held by Islamic Militants in Iraq Have Been Freed

Forty-six Turkish hostages, including diplomats, consulate guards and children, who had been captured and held for nearly three months by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq returned to Turkey Saturday morning following a successful Turkish covert operation. Three non-Turkish hostages taken in the same attack… » 9/20/14 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

Seth Rogen and James Franco Give Jimmy Fallon a Topless Birthday Gift

Jimmy Fallon turned 40 years of old yesterday and to celebrate, people at the Tonight Show office arranged a special surprise for him, inviting his two sexy friends to dance out of a cake. Seth Rogen and James Franco shake it for the show host, but only as a sensual preamble for the real surprise. » 9/20/14 1:10pm Yesterday 1:10pm

My Abuser Was Quiet

My abuser was quiet, soft-spoken and charming. He was the kind of man who would knock you down a flight of stairs then run down to kiss every wound. Despite the signs, he didn't fit the description of a violent person in my mind. I ignored the storm that was brewing and convinced myself that since he hadn't hit me, I… » 9/20/14 4:27pm Yesterday 4:27pm