Get Ready for a Shitload of New Weather Control Conspiracy Theories

Scientists at the University of Central Florida and the University of Arizona are trying to develop a system of lasers that they claim would theoretically be able to trigger rain and lightning in clouds, effectively "controlling" the weather. » 4/23/14 4:41pm Today 4:41pm

Summer Movie Preview: 33 Movies To Watch Out For!

Are you ready for one wild summer? This year brings legendary superheroes, famous monsters, and fantasy icons. There are two Michael Bay films, but also the ultra-weird Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus the post-apocalyptic Snowpiercer. Here are 33 science fiction and fantasy movies you need to know about this summer. » 4/23/14 4:15pm Today 4:15pm

Page Six Reporters Lecture on the Importance of Ethical Journalism

Last night, the New School’s Center for Communication held a panel about gossip reporting—or, more precisely, ethical gossip reporting. “Despite the temptations and stereotypes,” flyers posted around the the university’s Greenwich Village campus read, “you CAN write a gossip column with integrity!” » 4/23/14 4:05pm Today 4:05pm

Watch This Spontaneous LA Chef Make Oreo Bread Pudding on the Fly

Playing with your food can be fun, but what about hacking your food? Oreo thinks that's even better. That's why they've launched their Snack Hack initiative by asking Nguyen Tran, founder of Starry Kitchen, for his spin on Oreo cookies: they wanted to see how the intuitive chef might work his magic on a snack that's… » 4/23/14 4:00pm Today 4:00pm

Be a Phone Psychic or Get Paid to Have Brunch -- The Choice is Yours


Are you sick of catering to the capricious whims of your horrible boss? Ready to throw in the towel on your high-octane career as a newspaper reporter — a job which, according to The Wall Street Journal, replaced lumberjack as the world's worst in 2013? Or are you just finally down to the dregs of that twelve-thousand… » 4/23/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm