Prep School Rape Trial: Owen Labrie Acquitted of Felony Rape, Guilty of Misdemeanors

A jury Thursday acquitted 19-year-old Owen Labrie, a graduate of elite St. Paul’s prep school in New Hampshire, of felony sexual assault charges, but found him guilty of misdemeanor sex assault. Labrie had been accused of raping a 15-year-old fellow student in the school’s machine closet last May. The AP reports the… » 8/28/15 2:04pm 8 minutes ago

What to Do When You Find Out a Coworker Makes More Than You Do

Aaargh. You just found out that your coworker makes more than you do, even though you both do the same kind of work, you’ve been there longer, and you do a better job. You feel demoralized, insulted by your not-such-a-great friend employer, and resentful of your coworker. Before you protest, here’s how to handle the… » 8/28/15 1:48pm 24 minutes ago

Ohio Cop Pulls Black Man Over for "Making Direct Eye Contact" 

Former Ohio resident John Felton was pulled over by Dayton police in front of his mom’s house after he allegedly activated his turn signal less than 100 feet before making a right turn. Unable to believe an officer would stop him on such a piddling technicality, Felton asked the officer why he was really followed for… » 8/28/15 1:28pm 44 minutes ago

All I Need to Know About Pregnancy I Learned From Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is currently pregnant with her second child. This is great for Kim and Kanye West and also me personally, because Kim likes to share. While more guarded celebrities have gone to great lengths to conceal the havoc pregnancy wreaks on their otherwise flawless bodies, Kim is real—and a real wellspring of… » 8/28/15 12:19pm Today 12:19pm

70 Dead Refugees, Including Four Children, Found in Abandoned Austrian Truck

Authorities have released new information regarding the truck filled with dead refugees that was abandoned on a Vienna highway yesterday, and it’s grisly: there were reportedly more than 70 bodies inside, including at least 8 women and 4 children.http://gawker.com/someone-left-a... » 8/28/15 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

Cool Girls Update: A-Schu and J-Law Dance on B. Joel's Piano

Coolest girls Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, BFFs since that one time they met on vacation, did a cool thing: they danced on Billy Joel’s piano while he played “Uptown Girl” at Wrigley Field Thursday night, which is quite similar to the ending of Amy Schumer’s film Trainwreck (still in theaters, I think?). Too… » 8/28/15 10:38am Today 10:38am

Lawsuit Filed Against Woman Who Died in Caitlyn Jenner Car Crash

The five occupants of the Hummer into which Kim Howe, who was killed in February after Caitlyn Jenner crashed into her car, slammed are suing her estate for $18.5 million, TMZ reports.http://gawker.com/caitlyn-jenner... » 8/27/15 11:10pm Yesterday 11:10pm

Subway Was Alerted About Jared Fogle Back in 2008

Cindy Mills, the former Subway franchisee who said Jared Fogle had suggested she advertise herself for sex on Craigslist, claims that she warned Subway about Fogle way back in 2008 and the company didn’t do anything about it. Mills, who was a Subway franchisee in Florida during 2006 to 2012, said that Fogle used to… » 8/27/15 10:45pm Yesterday 10:45pm

Earth Opens Up and Swallows Five People in China

And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these blogs, that the ground clave asunder that was under them, the Associated Press reports. And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their bus stop, and all the men (and women) that were waiting at the bus stop in the northeastern Chinese… » 8/27/15 10:20pm Yesterday 10:20pm