NBC Affiliate Spreads Dumb "Contaminated Coke" Scare

Would you like to see an example of satire? Here is an example of satire: "ExxonMobil, Chevron Locked In Bidding War To Acquire Lucrative Pennsylvania Senator." Would like to see an example of garbage, bad faith "satire"? Here is an example of garbage, bad faith "satire": "Coca-Cola Recalls 2 Million Bottles With The… » 8/01/14 8:33pm Today 8:33pm

Tax Pledge Cretin Will Join, Deeply Misconstrue Burning Man​

Churlish hamster Grover Norquist nearly brought the U.S. to the brink of default three years ago, pressuring legislators with his "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" into a debt ceiling battle that was both dangerous and inane. This year, Norquist plans to attend Burning Man, which he sees as a stateless capitalist Utopia. » 8/01/14 6:03pm Today 6:03pm

Cam Girls Reveal Their Clients' Most Bizarre Sexual Requests

Jasmin.com (formerly LiveJasmin) (RIP) is a popular webcam site where one can go to watch people from all different nations get naked for money or smoke cigarettes for free (source: experience). In an effort to normalize the cam experience, the site has put together a list of the weirdest requests models have gotten.… » 8/01/14 5:50pm Today 5:50pm

Why Are Tech Workers So Bad at Dressing Themselves?

If the guiding principle for building great startups is "solve an important problem," then the difficulty tech workers have locating (and laundering!) garments to wear in public would appear to be the sartorial equivalent of Fermat's last theorem. » 8/01/14 4:23pm Today 4:23pm

The Fallen Mt. Gox Bitcoin King Faces Jail Time in France

After making a bloody mess of Mt. Gox, the first and biggest name in Bitcoin trading, no one is expecting CEO Mark Karpeles to redeem himself and refund their missing cyber-money. A new report of Karpeles' criminal past won't help. » 8/01/14 4:03pm Today 4:03pm

How To Portray Poor People: A Conversation With a Rich Hill Director

The great service of Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo's film Rich Hill is that it makes accessible stories that are so often willfully ignored. The documentary winner of Sundance's Grand Jury Prize profiles three boys: Andrew, 13, Harley, 15, and Appachey, 12, who live in Rich Hill, Missouri, a town of… » 8/01/14 3:39pm Today 3:39pm

Katy Perry Would Like to Join the Illuminati, Please

Katy Perry combated the rumor that she's a member of the Illuminati—a rumor that stems from her "Dark Horse" music video and Grammy performance—in a recent Rolling Stone interview. She claims that, far from being a member herself, she doesn't know what it is and would like to be invited! » 8/01/14 3:32pm Today 3:32pm

I Am Terrified of Reese Witherspoon and a Little Bit in Love with Her

When did Reese Witherspoon become America's sweetheart? Was it when the nation flocked to see her starring turn in Legally Blonde, a few months before 9/11? Was it when she accepted the Oscar from pretend Ray Charles for being the best pretend June Carter Cash anyone could ever remember, in March of 2006? » 8/01/14 9:00am Today 9:00am