Angry Duggar Fans Send Email Hellfire: "Leave This Family Alone!!"

Since 19 Kids and Counting’s Josh Duggar admitted that when he was a teenager he molested some of his sisters, many have backed away from the reality TV family—TLC execs and former Duggar-backed candidate for president Rick Santorum included. But the Duggars still have their supporters. I know this because they’ve… » 6/03/15 9:46am A minute ago

Caitlyn Jenner Does Her Makeup Like a Kardashian in New E! Series Clip

E! officially announced Caitlyn Jenner’s forthcoming reality show this morning with a one-minute clilp that features Caitlyn applying makeup at her home. “You start learning kind of the pressure women are under all the time about their appearance,” she says as she powders her face before heading “out into the world.” » 6/03/15 9:18am 29 minutes ago

Freedom-Hating Health "Experts" Warn New Jersey Not to Eat Sewer Fish

In most American cities, a man has the right to walk down the street, reach down the nearest sewer, and devour whatever fish me might find therein without being scolded by some government bureaucrat. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true in Newark, New Jersey, where health officials are now claiming sewer fish… » 6/03/15 3:00am Today 3:00am

Report: Oh God, This Guy Too, Probably

According to NBC News, Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal will be making “a major announcement” about his 2016 plans later this month. Which—barring an declaration that he seeks to abolish the federal government and name himself Jindalator Supreme—means that he, too, is likely running for president. » 6/03/15 1:45am Today 1:45am

Woman Dies After Getting Butt Injection in Makeshift Basement Clinic

Black market butt injections claimed another victim Saturday in a rented basement in Far Rockaway, Queens. » 6/02/15 7:50pm Yesterday 7:50pm

Two Years After Snowden Leaks, Senate Finally Passes NSA Reform

Two days after the sections of the Patriot Act that authorized the NSA’s phone data collection program expired in the face of a Rand Paul filibuster, the Senate passed a bill Tuesday to reinstate it, but with restrictions on what the agency can collect. President Obama, who supported the USA Freedom Act, is expected… » 6/02/15 6:03pm Yesterday 6:03pm

Feds To Return Trucks Seized In Armed Raids To Their Owners

Some stellar news today for fans of classic Land Rover Defenders, imported vehicles and anyone who’s not a fan of civil forfeiture: Nearly a year after they were seized by federal agents in pre-dawn raids across the country, and a few months after our big exposé on the seizures, more than two dozen imported Defenders… » 6/02/15 5:01pm Yesterday 5:01pm

Guess What Happens When an Oil Company Sponsors a Climate Change Exhibit

“Atmosphere: exploring climate change,” the London Science Museum’s exhibit on global warming, is principally sponsored by Shell. You’re asking yourself: Hmm, Shell—isn’t that the name of some trendy “green” startup? No, it’s the same old Shell that fills your gas tank and that was responsible for 76 million metric… » 6/02/15 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

The Simple Science Behind Thunder That Rolls and Crackles

As we crawl through this, our second day of True Summer (not that fake astronomical stuff), many people who haven’t had thunderstorms yet this year are in for a flashing, crashing, startling treat. What exactly is it about lightning that makes that thunderous noise, and why does it seem to crackle, boom, and roll? » 6/02/15 4:04pm Yesterday 4:04pm

More People Work at Fusion Than Are Reading Its Most Popular Post

Since its official launch in 2013, Fusion has aimed to be a haven for sweet millennial clicks and a place for journalists to make a lot of money while practicing “post-text” journalism. You can debate whether it’s accomplished either of those things, but one thing that can’t be debated is that no one is actually… » 6/02/15 3:25pm Yesterday 3:25pm