95 MPH Race to Hospital and Last-Second Birth Captured on Dad's Go-Pro

When Kristin Dickerson went into labor late last month after a 42-week pregnancy, her husband Troy Dickerson did the sensible thing and strapped a GoPro camera to his head to capture the dramatic, high-speed ride to the hospital and the birth itself, which took place as an understandably frantic Kristen stood outside… » 7/10/14 9:00am 17 minutes ago

Supremely Chill Dude Loses Job After Buying Spokane’s First Legal Weed

Imagine the kind of person who would camp outside a dispensary for 19 hours to become the first legal weed buyer in his city, and chances are you'll land not far from Mike Boyer. He's a portly man, smile on his face, and he's wearing a trippy tie-dye t-shirt he says he's been "rockin'…for about 12 years now." When he… » 7/10/14 8:28am 48 minutes ago

Donald Sterling Called His Wife a "Pig" Today in Court

At the end of the third day of the trail that will determine if Shelly Sterling had the right to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion, her husband Donald screamed, "Get away from me, you pig!" as she walked past him to leave court. » 7/09/14 11:57pm Yesterday 11:57pm

TechCrunch Rolls Over For Tinder CEO Sean Rad

Tinder's sexual harassment lawsuit hasn't even gone to trial yet, but TechCrunch already thinks it's a bunch of bullshit. Earlier today, tech's favorite mouthpiece published an investigation into Whitney Wolfe's lawsuit that was highly sympathetic towards her former employer. An hour later, TechCrunch announced Tinder… » 7/09/14 9:58pm Yesterday 9:58pm

Man Gets Five Years Probation for Stealing $460,000 in Quarters

Thomas Rica, a former public works inspector for the city of Ridgewood, NJ, was sentenced to five years probation after he stole $460,000 worth of quarters taken from parking meters. He stole the quarters over the course of two years from a storage room, and pled guilty to four counts of theft as part of a plea deal. » 7/09/14 8:49pm Yesterday 8:49pm

Farrah Abraham's Next Venture: Frozen Yogurt

Farrah Abraham, having conquered publishing, sex tapes, and reality television, has set her sights on the next frontier of entrepreneurism: selling frozen yogurt and other not-hot foods. She's opening Froco Fresh Frozen in Austin this fall. Its mascot, Coba ("the popping boba"), is terrifying: » 7/09/14 7:18pm Yesterday 7:18pm

Willow Smith Is Being Fed Systematic French Fries by the Government

When Willow Smith isn't learning everything she needs to know about life by watching Forrest Gump and/or reading the stories of the universe on snakes' backs, she is tweeting about doing those things. And when the 13-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith isn't tweeting about those things, she's… » 7/09/14 6:57pm Yesterday 6:57pm

Nathan For You's Sci-Fi Masterpiece and Other Great Shows Within Shows

Last night on Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder narrowly avoided fraud charges for telling customers in a Hollywood souvenir shop they would be extras in a Johnny Depp movie called The Web by actually slapping said movie together. (Sneak peek: ya boy Johnny hacks an asteroid.) » 7/09/14 5:49pm Yesterday 5:49pm

"The Truth of the Matter Is Walmart Is a Horrible Place to Work"

Boxlike megastore Walmart is reaping a good deal of positive PR today after a gaudy event showcasing the company's intentions to spend more money on American-made products. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you what kind of employer Walmart is. » 7/09/14 5:27pm Yesterday 5:27pm