Bride Was Cool With Sister's "Nightmare" Proposal During Her Wedding

The classless douchebag best man who set down his Corona and took a knee to propose marriage to the maid of honor at someone else’s wedding—right in front of the bride and groom—may not be quite as classless as he appeared in the photo that set a thousand mouths afroth earlier this week. His new fiancée is the bride’s… » 5/28/15 7:31pm Today 7:31pm

How Many Days Until Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Get Divorced?

Could beloved celebrity couple “Bennifer 2” be well on their way to a new celebrity nickname: “Jen it’s not your fault” and “He’s such an asshole”? I don’t know, I don’t live in their home or spend much time with them, but I’d stake my reputation on the fact that it seems not out of the realm of possibility. » 5/28/15 6:51pm Today 6:51pm

"XXX Freak Fest" Airbnb Host: "I am homeless"

Ari Teman thought his life had taken a bad turn a year ago, when his apartment was unwittingly selected to host a “BBW panty raid” orgy. Now, Teman says his life has been fully ruined by Airbnb: “I’m on a blacklist and cannot get a legitimate lease in all of New York City.” » 5/28/15 6:00pm Today 6:00pm

Sasha Frere-Jones Pulls Back From (Rap) Genius

In January, Sasha Frere-Jones, the longtime music critic at the New Yorker, left the fabled magazine for a job at Genius (neé Rap Genius), the annotation website that sticks bad jokes next to your favorite rap lyrics. The honeymoon, though, appears to have been short: Frere-Jones recently moved from full-time to… » 5/28/15 5:33pm Today 5:33pm

Meet the Elite U.S.-Trained Special Forces Chief Who Just Joined ISIS

In addition to an aggressive goatee, Gulmurod Khalimov has a certain set of skills. He commands Tajikistan’s special forces, trained and funded by American military whizzes. Or he did, before recently turning up in a YouTube video saying he’s gone to Syria to fight with the Islamic State. » 5/28/15 5:30pm Today 5:30pm

Should I Fly With My Baby or Just Walk Her From Los Angeles to Detroit?

Recently, Jessica Coen shared a photo here of how I prefer to fly with my tiny child. A lot of folks in the comments thought maybe DCFS should take her from me (be my guest!) because I let her hang out on the floor. Now, this week, a mother — a pregnant mother — was apparently kicked off a United Airlines flight… » 5/28/15 5:11pm Today 5:11pm

Famine to Feast: Texas and Oklahoma Are Now Virtually Drought-Free

The recent rains over the southern Plains have been nothing less than spectacular, spawning a constant stream of severe thunderstorms that dumped inches of rain in short time, flooding areas that haven’t seen this much in years. The influx of water finally paid off: only a few small parts of Texas and Oklahoma are… » 5/28/15 5:10pm Today 5:10pm

Suicidal Man's Girlfriend Calls for Help, Cops Fatally Shoot Him

When a Florida man told his girlfriend he planned to kill himself, she called the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office for help. He’s “threatened to kill himself twice now; what do I do and who do I call?” she asked the 911 operator, adding “He recently lost his job, in addition to he’s also been drinking.” » 5/28/15 3:55pm Today 3:55pm

President Obama Helped Issue a Hurricane Forecast This Morning

President Obama paid a visit to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, this morning, to observe how the agency works and to speak with officials in the days leading up to the beginning of Atlantic hurricane season on June 1. While there, he helped the agency issue a forecast for Tropical Storm Andres. » 5/28/15 2:10pm Today 2:10pm

Trevor Noah's "New and Sexy" Daily Show Gets an Official Start Date

It’s been public knowledge for some time that Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show in August, to be replaced by Trevor Noah, a handsome South African comic with a back catalog of wack Twitter jokes. Now we’ve got the first promo for Noah’s “new and sexy” Daily Show, and a premiere date: Sept. 28. » 5/28/15 1:53pm Today 1:53pm

Who Stole $600,000 in Art From the Boston Public Library?

On April 8, staffers at the Boston Public Library noticed that Albrecht Dürer’s Adam and Eve—an engraving valued at over $600,000—was missing from its collection. After an internal search, a Rembrandt etching was found missing as well. A month on, no one knows what became of the art—but police believe the apparent… » 5/28/15 1:43pm Today 1:43pm