Suspected Dallas BBQ Attacker Is Gay: Is His Crime a Hate Crime?

The rumors appear to be true: Bayna El-Amin, the man wanted by police after hitting another man over the head with a chair in a fight at the Chelsea Dallas BBQ earlier this month, seems to have been romantically involved with another man. Gawker has discovered what looks to be El-Amin’s Facebook page, which is listed… » 5/26/15 12:15pm 7 minutes ago

Duggar Dad's Political Platform: Incest Should Be Punishable by Death

Last week, 19 Kids and Counting’s Josh Duggar admitted that he molested his sisters when he was a teenager. Though his parents Jim Bob and Michelle successfully helped him avoid prosecution for his crimes, a couple of men have defended the way the Duggars handled the abusive situation in their home. Mike Huckabee has … » 5/26/15 11:57am 24 minutes ago

When Did These KUWTK Scenes Film? Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors

In a conversation on Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, eldest sister Kourtney brought up her stepfather Bruce Jenner’s announcement that he is transgender and planning to transition. A totally normal topic, given that she ostensibly just learned about this in last week’s episode—except the… » 5/26/15 11:35am 46 minutes ago

Rest and Be Thankful for Taylor Swift's Life Is "Not That Hard"

I know it can be a struggle to make it through the day after tossing and turning all night, thinking about Taylor Swift, barely getting even a few minutes of sleep. “Yes, Taylor Swift has a wonderful life,” you think, yawning, so sleepy, “So many blessings. But must she work so hard to get them?” » 5/26/15 10:27am Today 10:27am

B.B. King's Kids Say He Was Murdered by His Business Manager

Earlier this month, a coroner determined that B.B. King’s death was caused by a series of mini-strokes. Now the late bluesman’s kids say his cause of death was tied to something much more nefarious—poison. » 5/25/15 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

Severe Weather Leaves 13 Dead in Mexico and 3 in Texas and Oklahoma

At least 13 people were killed when a tornado struck the Mexican border city of Ciudad Acuna on Monday, NBC News reports. The tornado, which flipped cars, destroyed homes, and ripped an infant—still missing—from its mother’s arms. At least 230 people were injured. » 5/25/15 4:50pm Yesterday 4:50pm

Become the Memorial Day Grill Master

Memorial Day marks the start of the serious grilling season, and there’s no better weekend to bolster your grill-master game. Luckily, honing your outdoor culinary skills is a lot more simple than it seems, given the right tools, a little preparation, and a few tips on technique. » 5/25/15 4:10pm Yesterday 4:10pm