Atlantic Dead Quiet as Hawaii Cautiously Watches Hurricane Guillermo

Hurricane activity in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans really begins to pick up intensity at the beginning of August, building up to the peak of the seasons in the middle of September. Right on cue, we have our seventh named storm in the eastern Pacific—possibly threatening Hawaii—while the Atlantic Ocean is dead… » 7/31/15 6:17pm Yesterday 6:17pm

Are There Any Shows on TLC Not Tainted by Pedophilia or Violence?

Another day, another TLC scandal. In fact, today, there were two: one involving a dead puppy, and another involving a pedophile producer who worked on at least three shows centered around children. The Learning Channel? More like The Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over And Never Learn Channel. » 7/31/15 4:47pm Yesterday 4:47pm

Forward or Delete: This Week's Fake Viral Photos

Occasionally, against all odds, you’ll see an interesting or even enjoyable picture on the Internet. But is it worth sharing, or just another Photoshop job that belongs in the digital trash heap? Check in here and find out if that viral photo deserves an enthusiastic “forward” or a pitiless “delete.”
» 7/31/15 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

Here Is a Massive List of Max Read Owns

Malcolm Read passed away on Monday, July 20. Not a particularly masculine man, Max leaves behind a bad, unwanted website, 20 dirty children, and a cat named Khaleesi. His spirit has retreated to Italy, where he will wander the stalls of the Palazzo de Amore, gently picking up and putting down various cashmere scarves… » 7/31/15 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

Seattle Breaks Record for Most 90°+ Days Ever Recorded in One Year

Yesterday’s high temperature in Seattle was 94°F, breaking the record as the city’s tenth day so far this year with a high temperature at or above 90°F. This brutal July smashed extremes across the Pacific Northwest, shattering record high temperatures and giving many cities their warmest Julys on record. » 7/31/15 4:00pm Yesterday 4:00pm

Other Officers at Scene Won't Be Charged for Lies in Sam DuBose Killing

Two University of Cincinnati police officers who witnessed fellow cop Ray Tensing fatally shoot unarmed black driver Sam DuBose will not face criminal charges. Officers Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt gave accounts of the shooting that turned out to be inconsistent with the footage from Tensing’s body camera. A… » 7/31/15 3:42pm Yesterday 3:42pm

Ice-T & Coco Discuss Their New Baby, Talk Show, and Forever Love

Ice-T and Coco finish each others’ sentences. It’s something you might expect from newlyweds, or couples otherwise in the dawn of their relationships, but the duo has been married since 2002, and their tangible affinity for one another has been a representation of relationship goals since Ice Loves Coco, the reality… » 7/31/15 3:40pm Yesterday 3:40pm

Remember When Dr. Dre Bashed a Female Journalist’s Face Against a Wall?

In January of 1991, producer/rapper and then-N.W.A. member Andre “Dr. Dre” Young attacked hip-hop journalist Denise “Dee” Barnes in a nightclub. If you hadn’t heard about the incident going into F. Gary Gray’s N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, which hits theaters in two weeks, you’d leave the theater none the… » 7/31/15 3:30pm Yesterday 3:30pm

The Bizarre Anti-Vaxxer Holistic Doctor Murder Conspiracy, Explained

On June 19, a fisherman found the body of Dr. James Bradstreet—a forceful proponent of the bunk theory that vaccines are linked to autism—in a North Carolina river, with a gunshot wound through his chest. Three days later, chiropractors Bruce Hedendal and Baron Holt were separately found dead, and eight days after… » 7/31/15 3:23pm Yesterday 3:23pm

Why Are Dogs So Insanely Happy to See Us When We Get Home?

Unlike a certain companion animal that will go unnamed, dogs lose their minds when reunited with their owners. But it’s not immediately obvious why our canine companions should grant us such an over-the-top greeting—especially considering the power imbalance that exists between the two species. We spoke to the experts… » 7/31/15 3:10pm Yesterday 3:10pm

Meek Mill: No, Really, Someone Peed on Drake in a Movie Theater

The late Meek Mill, who passed away Wednesday as a result of getting bodied by Drake’s “Back to Back” diss track, continues to talk shit about Drake from beyond the grave. His rebuttal song, released Thursday, was generally viewed as soft and wack, but Ghost Meek did score one good hit: What’s this about Drake getting… » 7/31/15 1:10pm Yesterday 1:10pm

Kids At 20: A Relentlessly Unpleasant Day In The Life Of '90s NYC

Larry Clark and Harmony Korine’s Kids was released 20 years ago this week, but if you want to have a celebratory home screening of it, you’re going to have a harder time than you might have expected. Once as controversial a cultural property as the soon-to-be-a-Broadway-musical American Psycho was back in the day, Kids » 7/31/15 12:47pm Yesterday 12:47pm