Terry Richardson Didn't Ask a Model to Trade Sex for a Vogue Shoot

Good news for sleazeball celebrity photographer Terry Richardson: He didn't do at least one of the sketchy, sexually harassing things he's been accused of. A Facebook message offering a model a high-profile shoot in exchange for sex actually originated from a fake account. » 4/24/14 1:59pm 15 minutes ago

Today, the Maryland Transportation Authority added a platform to its Bay Bridge traffic-camera gantry, so ospreys may nest there without blocking the cameras. At noon four days a week, a camera will pivot to show the ospreys for 15 minutes. The ospreys appear to find the MDTA's terms of surrender acceptable. » 4/24/14 1:12pm Today 1:12pm

Shingy Just Spent 20 Minutes Yelling Insane Gibberish on a Stage

If you're wondering what a Digital Prophet at AOL does to justify his existence (and salary), here is video documentation. Today, David Shing, everyone's favorite tech clown stood before a rapt audience at the TNW Europe Conference 2014, and made up a lot of words. » 4/24/14 1:10pm Today 1:10pm

Idaho Bigots Won't Let Elderly Gay Veteran Be Buried With Her Wife

Madelynn Taylor, 74, served six years in the Navy. Madelynn Taylor grew up with the woman she would eventually marry in Oregon, in 1995. Madelynn Taylor is welcome to be buried in the veterans' cemetery in Idaho, where she now lives. But not with her now-deceased spouse, thanks to an anti-gay state law. » 4/24/14 1:00pm Today 1:00pm

Vice News Journalist Captured in Eastern Ukraine Now "Free and Safe"

Simon Ostrovsky, the Vice News journalist captured in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, was just released. He told a BBC reporter that he's "free and safe" and on his way to Donetsk, Ukraine. » 4/24/14 12:46pm Today 12:46pm

Barack Obama, Human President, Plays Robot Soccer

The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, earlier today engaged in a brief session of athletic play-activity with an ASIMO robot unit. Although the president's preferred athletic play-activity is the American sport of basketball, he adjusted his expectations to meet the ASIMO's current… » 4/24/14 12:04pm Today 12:04pm

Kevin Brockmeier's Memoir of Seventh Grade: A New Young-Adult Classic

"He is always amazed by the difference between how he feels and how he appears, the way his single-minded determination can look like the panicky darting motion of a little kid," writes Kevin Brockmeier (The Brief History of the Dead, The Illumination) in his recently released A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip: A Memoir … » 4/24/14 11:27am Today 11:27am

Watch This Spontaneous LA Chef Make Oreo Bread Pudding on the Fly

Playing with your food can be fun, but what about hacking your food? Oreo thinks that's even better. That's why they've launched their Snack Hack initiative by asking Nguyen Tran, founder of Starry Kitchen, for his spin on Oreo cookies: they wanted to see how the intuitive chef might work his magic on a snack that's… » 4/23/14 4:00pm Yesterday 4:00pm