Sunken-Treasure Hunting Technology Is Better Than Ever

As you may have heard, technology is changing everything. Including, according to this New York Times story, treasure hunting! Actually, technology isn’t “changing” treasure hunting: it’s making it easier, which is catalyzing the dispute over to whom a deteriorating, treasure-laden, underwater shipwreck actually… »Today 6:38pm11/30/15 6:38pm

Which Friend of Sid Blumenthal Did Hillary Try to Hook Up with a State Department Job?

The State Department just released a new batch of Hillary Clinton’s private emails, so you know what that means: lots of corny, goofball emails asking for articles to be printed out, plus some genuinely interesting items. Like Madame Secretary trying to do an HR favor for some friend of Sid Blumenthal. »Today 6:20pm11/30/15 6:20pm

Donald Trump's Secret Meeting with Black Pastors as Explained by Donald Trump

Earlier today, Donald Trump met with “over a hundred” black pastors in a private meeting after it came out that Trump was (falsely) framing the event as a public endorsement. Even so, Trump still sort of got the press conference he wanted—albeit with only about half a dozen pastors flanking him. And also Omarosa was… »Today 5:13pm11/30/15 5:13pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 310: What Does Kristin Like to Eat? 

Kristin Cavallari’s favorite celebrity news outlet is perhaps E! News. E! does not drag her into drama and shit, like Us Weekly does, and it was E! that first broke the news that Kristin was writing a book.* Kristin has done a lot of interviews with E!, including an E! Entertainment Special about her life, which I… »Today 5:00pm11/30/15 5:00pm

Has Mike Allen Promised You a Softball Interview?

Last week, we published emails in which Mike Allen, the chief White House correspondent of Politico, promised to provide completely positive coverage of Chelsea Clinton in exchange for a sit-down interview at a brunch hosted by the political news outlet. Allen initially claimed ignorance—“I don’t remember this e-mail” »Today 4:42pm11/30/15 4:42pm

Evidence Reveals Minneapolis Protest Shooting Suspect as Racist Scaredy Cat

This afternoon, prosecutors announced felony charges against the four defendants in last week’s shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis. A criminal complaint for one of the alleged shooters reveals that he is exactly the pants-wetting idiot one would expect. »Today 2:20pm11/30/15 2:20pm

Former Professional Propagandist for White Supremacist and Torture Regime Decries Nazi Comparisons in Politics

Marc Thiessen would like everyone in politics to please stop comparing their opponents to Nazis. Or rather, he would like everyone to stop evoking comparisons to Nazis, as the two politicians he calls out in his latest Washington Post column never actually said “Nazi” or “Hitler.” It’s not a very surprising or notable… »Today 2:06pm11/30/15 2:06pm

Fox & Friends Host: I Remember Seeing American Muslims Cheering on 9/11

Though many have condemned Donald Trump for repeating his claims that “thousands” of New Jersey Muslims celebrated on 9/11, and that there is old TV news footage somewhere out there to prove it, one brave, bumbling Fox & Friends host defended the “idea” of Trump’s story this morning. That man was Steve Doocy, of… »Today 1:20pm11/30/15 1:20pm

What It's Like To Be a Gay Little Person

There are about 30,000 little people in America, according to Joanna Campbell, executive director of the largest little people organization in the country, Little People of America. Campbell estimates that the amount of little people are equally divided by sex. If there are 15,000 men with dwarfism in America, and… »Today 12:50pm11/30/15 12:50pm