Bon Jovi Gave the Class of 2015 The Best Gift of All: A Bon Jovi Song

On Thursday, Sayreville, N.J. native John “Jon Bon Jovi” Bongiovi, Jr. was given an honorary degree at the Camden campus of Rutgers University. John Bongiovi, Jr. is now an Honorary Doctor of Letters for his work in philanthropy. To show off a bit of that philanthropic skill he’s known for, Bon Jovi came bearing a… » 5/22/15 10:30am Today 10:30am

Police: "No Reason to Believe" D.C. Pizza-Murder Suspect Is in N.Y.C.

Authorities have abandoned the idea that alleged murderer and Dominos customer Daron Dylon Wint is in Brooklyn, CBS News reports. New York City police told ABC News that they have “no reason to believe” he is in the city. » 5/22/15 12:16am Today 12:16am

Ex-Football Player Pleads Guilty to Posting Revenge Porn On Instagram

Jermaine Cunningham, former linebacker for the New York Jets, pleaded guilty to spreading sexually-revealing photos of a former girlfriend through his social media. Cunningham admitted to posting suggestive photos of his ex on his Instagram, as well as tagging her in the pictures without her consent. The posts… » 5/21/15 11:55pm Yesterday 11:55pm

Pentagon Admits Airstrikes Probably Killed Two Children in Syria

In a statement, the Pentagon confirmed that coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Syria “likely resulted” in the deaths of two children, the Guardian reports. The airstrikes were carried out in early November of last year against facilities in Harem, near Aleppo, controlled by the Khorasan group, an al-Qaida affiliate. » 5/21/15 10:34pm Yesterday 10:34pm