Google Wants Howard Hughes' Gigantic Old Hangar

Building 15, a gargantuan aerospace structure outside LAX airport, was once used to construct the Spruce Goose. Soon, it might be home to another focal point of hubris, the Wall Street Journal reports. » 8/28/14 11:18am Today 11:18am

100 Percent of Everything We Know About the Jolie-Pitt Wedding AAAAAH!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got late-in-life married last Saturday and no judgement!!! Only happy and excited for them to finally have the wonderful lives they deserve. Here is everything we know about the event of an aeon (thanks to a Jolie-Pitt spokesperson and our friends at Newsday). » 8/28/14 11:08am Today 11:08am

Ebola Could Infect 20,000 People, World Health Organization Says

The largest-ever outbreak of Ebola could eventually affect 20,000 people—seven times more than the current number of cases—before it runs its course, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. Months after the disease was first identified, reported cases are still sharply rising. » 8/28/14 10:45am Today 10:45am

New York Times Endorses Reform Candidate for Powerless Position

Following up on its non-endorsement of New York governor Andrew Cuomo's challenger, Zephyr Teachout, the New York Times today endorsed Teachout's running mate, Tim Wu, for lieutenant governor. Because Cuomo is a terrible cynic with no identifiable values, his chosen lieutenant governor candidate, Kathy Hochul, is a… » 8/28/14 10:24am Today 10:24am

ISIS Captures, Brutally Executes Dozens of Syrian Soldiers

After capturing the Tabqa military base in northeastern Syria, ISIS militants reportedly killed at least 65 Syrian soldiers on Wednesday. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, "some were shot to death, while others were killed with knives." ISIS also bragged on Twitter about killing "about 200"… » 8/28/14 10:18am Today 10:18am