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Mom Rats Out Teen Partiers Who Broke Into Ray Allen's Home

At least seven teens broke into NBA player Ray Allen's Coral Gables, Florida home last week. They would've gotten away with it, too, if the fun police hadn't reported them to the real police. According to Local 10 News, one of the moms turned all the teens in, saying, "[My] daughter's friends did something stupid."… » 8/20/14 12:31pm 12 minutes ago

Anonymous Singles Out Member Who Doxed the Wrong Man as Killer "Cop"

As protest leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, contend with "outside agitators" they say have disrupted their peaceful demonstrations, the hackers in Anonymous have run into a similar problem: An "uncontrollable pest" whose reckless decision last week to accuse an innocent cop of killing Michael Brown embarrassed and… » 8/20/14 12:00pm 43 minutes ago

Cops Still Haven't Interviewed the Woman Shot at a Ferguson Protest

A little over a week ago, a Howard University student named Maya Aaten-White was leaving a rally about the Mike Brown shooting when she was shot in the head by unknown assailants. According to the Riverfront Times, a local alt-weekly, the police have since done... basically nothing about it. » 8/20/14 11:47am 56 minutes ago

Kim Kardashian Donates Most of Her eBay Charity Proceeds to Herself

For the second year in a row, most of the profits from Kim Kardashian's charity eBay auctions appear to have gone to her favorite cause: herself. Radar reports that eBay tax documents from 2013 indicate Kim K pocketed as much as $400,000 selling her used outfits on the auction site, and donated just $44,000 to the… » 8/20/14 11:30am Today 11:30am

Top Tech Investor: "Michael Brown was an asshole"

Chris Sacca has almost 1.5 million Twitter followers. He's invested in Uber, Instagram, Kickstarter, and Twitter. Among venture capitalists, he's a hero. And he has some thoughts about Ferguson, MO. » 8/20/14 11:20am Today 11:20am

Macy's Agrees to $650,000 Settlement in Racial Profiling Investigation

Macy's has reached an agreement with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to pay $650,000 to settle an investigation into accusations of racial profiling. Schneiderman's investigation was launched last February after several complaints were made by minority customers against the company's flagship store in… » 8/20/14 11:18am Today 11:18am

Dozens Killed in Battle Between Ukrainian Soldiers, Pro-Russian Rebels

According to a report from the Associated Press, at least 34 civilians and nine Ukrainian troops died yesterday fighting pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. The troops were trying to take over Donestk, which is still held by the rebels. » 8/20/14 10:46am Today 10:46am

Benedict Cumberbatch to Voice Shere Khan in the Other New Jungle Book

Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as the voice of Shere Khan in an upcoming adaptation of the Jungle Book. You might be thinking, "Hasn't Idris Elba already been cast as the voice of Shere Khan in the upcoming adaptation of the Jungle Book?" And the answer is yes! This is another one! » 8/20/14 10:34am Today 10:34am