Insane Duggar Cult Leader Posts "New Statement," Immediately Deletes It

Bill Gothard, the 80-year-old perpetual bachelor, alleged sexual abuser of at least 34 women, and founder of the Duggars’ warped fundamentalist cult, has some thoughts to share in the form of a fancy new website with a “new statement.” Or at least, he did for the few hours it was live. Now, the new site and statement… » 6/03/15 1:45pm 5 minutes ago

FBI Now Investigating Whether Russia and Qatar Bought Their World Cups

The FBI’s investigation of FIFA, the apparently corrupt-as-hell governing body of world soccer, will include a review of the bidding process that awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, an anonymous U.S. law enforcement source told Reuters. Good. » 6/03/15 1:35pm 15 minutes ago

Report: Bloody Shoes Link Pizza-Loving Suspect to D.C. Mansion Killings

CNN reports that there’s more than pizza crust linking Darron Wint to a gruesome quadruple murder committed last month inside a Washington D.C. mansion. The blood from at least one victim was found on Wint’s shoes when he was arrested, according to law enforcement sources who spoke with the news station.
» 6/03/15 1:11pm 39 minutes ago

Cameron Crowe Is Real, Real Sorry You Didn't Buy Emma Stone as Asian

Critics agree: Aloha is the worst film Cameron Crowe has ever made (reminder: Cameron Crowe made We Bought a Zoo). Sony Pictures exec Amy Pascal infamously wrote in a leaked email that “It never … Not even once … ever works.” But the least workable thing, according to Cameron Crowe, is that you got mad when he cast… » 6/03/15 12:14pm Today 12:14pm

The Internet Knew About the Government's Spy Planes Two Years Ago

Today’s AP report on the FBI’s secret use of dummy corporations and surveillance planes is startling—but what’s almost as surprising is that the same information has been circulating in the internet’s darkest corners for years. » 6/03/15 11:05am Today 11:05am

Angry Duggar Fans Send Email Hellfire: "Leave This Family Alone!!"

Since 19 Kids and Counting’s Josh Duggar admitted that when he was a teenager he molested some of his sisters, many have backed away from the reality TV family—TLC execs and former Duggar-backed candidate for president Rick Santorum included. But the Duggars still have their supporters. I know this because they’ve… » 6/03/15 9:46am Today 9:46am

Caitlyn Jenner Does Her Makeup Like a Kardashian in New E! Series Clip

E! officially announced Caitlyn Jenner’s forthcoming reality show this morning with a one-minute clilp that features Caitlyn applying makeup at her home. “You start learning kind of the pressure women are under all the time about their appearance,” she says as she powders her face before heading “out into the world.” » 6/03/15 9:18am Today 9:18am

Freedom-Hating Health "Experts" Warn New Jersey Not to Eat Sewer Fish

In most American cities, a man has the right to walk down the street, reach down the nearest sewer, and devour whatever fish me might find therein without being scolded by some government bureaucrat. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true in Newark, New Jersey, where health officials are now claiming sewer fish… » 6/03/15 3:00am Today 3:00am

Report: Oh God, This Guy Too, Probably

According to NBC News, Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal will be making “a major announcement” about his 2016 plans later this month. Which—barring an declaration that he seeks to abolish the federal government and name himself Jindalator Supreme—means that he, too, is likely running for president. » 6/03/15 1:45am Today 1:45am