Here's Footage from Kate Bush's First Show in 35 Years

Reclusive British singer/songwriter/dancer Kate Bush played her the first of her 22 Before the Dawn shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo last night and people are freaking the fuck out. The show was divided into three sections: an opening hits portion, a theatrical interpretation of The Ninth Wave (the entire Side… » 8/27/14 9:17am 54 minutes ago

Zara Yanks Its Holocaust-for-Kids "Sheriff" Shirt from Store

Spanish clothing retailer Zara was selling a blue-and-white-striped shirt with a six-pointed star over the left side of the chest that read "SHERIFF." The shirt, the store says, was intended for children aged three months to three years. Except, zoomed out on their website, the shirt looks a lot like...a concentration… » 8/27/14 7:38am Today 7:38am

​Tuesday Night TV Is All Awarded Out, Frankly

How were your Emmys? I heard it was very Emmy at the Emmys. As you know, I had a date with literally anything else. Tonight on TV, as we recover, there will be: Sex with toasters, drunk historians, group dates with loose women and Bad Girls, arranged marriages, and the death of at least one pretty little liar. » 8/26/14 5:44pm Yesterday 5:44pm

Man With 100-Pound Scrotum Will Have Groin Mass Removed This Week

A Michigan man whose swollen scrotum has grown to a weight of around 100 lbs. is about to get the life-changing surgery he needs. After living with a giant testicular mass for 10 years, he's finally raised the funds for an operation. » 8/26/14 4:59pm Yesterday 4:59pm

Maybe Scotland Will Win Independence, Get Invaded by Russian Sailors

Scotland is tantalizingly close to declaring independence from Great Britain and setting up as a sovereign nation. But there are so many implications! Like, say, this Business Insider post's suggestion that an independent Scotland could get invaded by Russians on submarines. Let's explore, shall we? » 8/26/14 4:50pm Yesterday 4:50pm

Loose Lips and Award Show Slips: What Celeb Antics Will We See Tonight?

Hollywood is kind of like high school, except that everyone is beautiful, popular, and has a really nice car. Tonight, as the stars don their finest frocks and strut down the red carpet with their anxiously-scrawled speeches clutched tightly in their sweaty little palms, it's time for you to award them, yearbook… » 8/25/14 2:00pm Monday 2:00pm

7 Artists Who See the Big Picture in Tiny Objects

Though today's artists have a world of technology at their fingertips, many still choose to work in a more traditional manner. These are not painters who create works using oil, acrylic or watercolor – they're artists who take everyday objects like matches, buttons and nails to make intricate artworks that deserve a… » 8/26/14 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm