Dumb Study Says Unarmed Black People Less Likely To Be Shot By Police

The Washington Post’s slide into the ludicrous continues with its laughable write-up of a new study out of Washington State that boldly suggests that unarmed black people are much safer from police shootings than white people. Indeed, the paper trumpets the study with the headline: “This study found race matters in…

The Supreme Court Just Gave FBI the Power to Hack Innocent People

A proposed change to the ‘Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure’ issued yesterday by the United States Supreme Court allows federal judges to grant the FBI permission to hack multiple computers at once, including machines belonging to people who haven’t been suspected of a crime. It can even hack people the FBI knows to…


Trump Fans Seem to Get Particularly Mad at Jewish and Women Reporters, I Wonder Why That Is

Reporter Julia Ioffe recently wrote a deeply reported profile of Melania Trump for GQ, one that revealed the existence of her secret half-brother and also her dad’s strong similarities to the Donald. Now Ioffe’s getting deluged with sexist, anti-Semitic abuse. It’s almost like there’s a pattern here?

Dick Black, Virginia's Most Prude State Senator, Just Shook Hands With a Murderous Dictator and Liked It

Virginia State Senator Richard Black, who is perhaps best known to Gawker readers as a guy who melted down at a teacher over fictional depictions of sex and violence, recently met and shook hands with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is best known the world over for unrepentantly slaughtering thousands of his own…