Gwyneth Paltrow Divorces Herself From "Conscious Uncoupling" Headline

There are a few turns of phrase penned within the past decade that, one can guess, will echo throughout history with timeless grace: “#winning,” “my wife,” “who is also a lion,” “conscious uncoupling.” It seems one writer, though, is attempting to distance herself from her classic saying. » 8/03/15 11:43am 15 minutes ago

Report: Britney Spears Could Be Under Conservatorship for Life

Britney Spears has been under personal and financial conservatorship since 2008, when she was committed to a hospital after allegedly neglecting to take her prescription meds and, according to a family source, “driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman.” Although she’s turned things around since then, TMZ… » 8/03/15 11:00am 58 minutes ago

Teen Girl Dies After Being Stabbed at Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

A teenage girl died on Sunday of injuries sustained when an anti-gay extremist stabbed her and several others during an attack on Jerusalem’s gay pride parade last week, the Associated Press reports.http://gawker.com/a-despicable-h... » 8/02/15 2:30pm Yesterday 2:30pm