Source: Kevin McCarthy Affair Rumors Have Been Circulating For Months

Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, is the current majority leader in the House, and was the heavy favorite to replace the departing John Boehner as Speaker. That was, at least, until he suddenly removed his name from consideration today, leaving fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill in “chaos” and “tears.” »10/08/15 6:20pmToday 6:20pm

Randy Quaid Is Being Sent Back to America, Promises He's Not As Weird As You Think

Actor Randy Quaid—Dennis’s eccentric, bearded older brother—was arrested in Montreal Wednesday for the second time this year. At an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing Thursday, Canadian border officers revealed the reason why: They had ordered Quaid to leave Canada next Wednesday, and believed he would not comply. »10/08/15 5:50pmToday 5:50pm

Daniel Craig Would Rather Kill Himself Than Do Another James Bond–So Don't Even Ask!!!!

Daniel Craig recently stopped by Time Out on a media tour promoting the upcoming James Bond film Spectre. The film is the latest in a sexy series which Craig tells Time Out he’d—hmm, oh, rather slash his wrists than continue to be a part of. Pre-sale tickets available now! »10/08/15 5:41pmToday 5:41pm

Police Video Shows Teen Girl Graphically Accusing Kevin Johnson Of Sexual Abuse

Today, Kevin Johnson is mayor of Sacramento, Calif., and Mandi Koba is a mother of three and an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. Only they know what happened between them in the summer of 1995, when she was 16 and he was a star guard for the Phoenix Suns, and each has a different version of events. »10/08/15 4:47pmToday 4:47pm

Video Reportedly Shows Spencer Stone Getting Stabbed Outside of Gay Nightclub

The Sacramento News and Review has obtained surveillance footage that purportedly shows Spencer Stone’s stabbing late last night during a brawl that reportedly began inside a gay nightclub. »10/08/15 4:20pmToday 4:20pm

Ben Carson Campaign Manager: Constant Hitler Analogies "Too Powerful"

Ben Carson—neurosurgeon, presidential candidate, and alleged sponge-fumbler—has repeatedly warned that America could go the way of Nazi Germany if people “keep their mouths shut” and don’t “stand up.” His campaign manager doesn’t necessarily disagree, he just wishes the candidate would stop trying to make political… »10/08/15 4:17pmToday 4:17pm

Money, Karma, Respect: A Hip-Hop Pioneer Peers Into the Future

The idea of a psychic/intuitive and reader of tarot cards and a certifiable hip-hop icon speaking on anything let alone karma and fate sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke. “So, a psychic and a rapper walk into a bar…” Certainly the whole concept of this recent talk at The Rubin Museum of Art fell under the… »10/08/15 3:07pmToday 3:07pm

Little Girl Explains Her Trans Experience So Clearly, A Child Could Understand It

Paddy, who hails from Leicester, England, was 7 years old when she was filmed for the documentary Born in the Wrong Body: My Transgender Kid, which aired this week on Channel 4 in the U.K. The clip above of Paddy discussing her gender identity with prodigious clarity is just perfect. I love it so much. I can’t stop… »10/08/15 2:26pmToday 2:26pm

New York Times Columnist Won’t Use Her Column to Extort a Free iPad Out of Apple After All

Roxane Gay, accomplished Twitter user and author, has not received her iPhone yet. Rather than settle this in private, she chose to publicly chastise Apple before her 89,000 followers about her missing phone. She also threatened to use the New York Times to settle the score. But it was just a joke! »10/08/15 2:02pmToday 2:02pm

Alpha Tau Omega Shuts Down Indiana Chapter Over "Sex Act" Video

After last night’s leak of a bizarre, sexual, and possibly non-consensual frat spectacle incident at the Indiana University chapter of Alpha Tau Omega (and a university suspension), the fraternity’s national organization has shut them down completely. »10/08/15 1:34pmToday 1:34pm

Today's Best Deals: 70% off Coats, All-Clad Pans, 4K TV, and More

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best. »10/08/15 1:15pmToday 1:15pm

How To Talk To A Grieving Person 

In the weeks and months after my father died, “How are you?” became my least favorite question. It was always benign and well-intentioned, but it also inevitably reminded me that I felt like shit. I’d rather have given a gruesome blow-by-blow account of how my father died than talk about how I felt. But talking—or,… »10/08/15 12:10pmToday 12:10pm