Subway Scrambles to Remove Jared From Website Following Child-Porn Raid

Following an FBI raid on Jared “Subway Jared” Fogle’s Indiana home Tuesday, Subway appears to be subtly cutting ties with its human mascot. TMZ reports that Subway has removed pages dedicated to “Jared’s Journey” of weight loss, and to Fogle’s childhood obesity charity, from its website. » 7/07/15 4:30pm 8 minutes ago

Hacker Who Crippled Xbox Live Convicted of 50,700 Counts, Dodges Prison

The devious, brazen Finnish hacker who ruined Christmas ‘14 just got the book thrown at him in his homeland’s court: 17-year-old Julius Kivimaki was sentenced today to a two-year suspended sentence. » 7/07/15 4:20pm 18 minutes ago

Lawyer: Killer Escapee Gave Tillie Pills to "Incapacitate" Her Husband

According to CNN, the big-dicked killer escapee Richard Matt gave his lover and supervisor Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell more than just companionship and a beautiful painting: he also gave her pills to “incapacitate” her husband, who the pair were planning on murdering. » 7/07/15 4:10pm 28 minutes ago

Harry Shearer Is Returning to The Simpsons

Good news for fans of past-their-prime sitcoms: Harry Shearer will return to The Simpsons next season. Shearer, who voiced Mr. Burns, Flanders, Skinner, and others, announced on Twitter in May that he was leaving the show over a contract dispute that appears to have been resolved. » 7/07/15 2:35pm Today 2:35pm

Read Laura Prepon's Insane Interview In Scientology's Celebrity Magazine

Celebrity Magazine is the celebrity magazine of choice for Scientologists everywhere. A recent issue features a lengthy interview with longtime believer Laura Prepon, pictured above at a Scientology Christmas event, who talks unguardedly about the religion/cult in a manner that is usually shrouded from outsiders. » 7/07/15 2:26pm Today 2:26pm

From former Gawker writer Maureen O’Connor, here is a perfect interview with Rob Shuter, the celebrity PR guy who handled Ben Affleck’s last breakup (with the other Jen). Shuter spills the tea about all his former clients, including Jessica Simpson, who he says dated the biggest publicity whore of all: John Mayer. … » 7/07/15 2:24pm Today 2:24pm

Box Office Bomb 54 Is Resurrected as a Bisexual Antihero Character Study

In the summer of 1998, Mark Christopher’s 54 landed in theaters with a dull thud. Despite a cast of then-hot stars like Neve Campbell, Mike Myers, and Ryan Phillippe, and the fact that it arrived at a time of peak ’70s nostalgia (thanks in part to specials like VH1’s Behind the Music), the film grossed a paltry $6.6… » 7/07/15 2:19pm Today 2:19pm

National Weather Service Revamps Its Website So It Sucks a Little Less

If you’re one of the millions of people who visits the National Weather Service’s website when things go downhill, you’ll notice that they’ve made some changes that’ll either make it easier to read their forecasts or confuse the everloving hell out of you. Progress! » 7/07/15 1:45pm Today 1:45pm

I Took Rutgers' Beyoncé Course: A Master Class in Pop & Black Feminism

On the first day of “Politicizing Beyoncé,” a Spring semester course at Rutgers, 32 young women and men sat in their desks, texting behind a Coach bag or catching up on Vlad TV’s rap posts on a laptop. It was February. I was dressed in jeans, Converse, and a giant sweatshirt, going for undergraduate realness, and here… » 7/07/15 1:36pm Today 1:36pm

Accused Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Indicted on New Charges

Accused Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was indicted on three additional charges Tuesday, ensuring he’ll stand trial on at least 13 counts related to the church massacre that left nine people dead. » 7/07/15 1:11pm Today 1:11pm

MSNBC Host: Why Did FSU QB Think He Could Punch a “Blonde Woman"?

During this morning’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough asked the following question about now former Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson’s alleged assault of a woman in a Tallahassee bar: “What about the culture that would have a guy think he could get away with punching a blonde… » 7/07/15 12:50pm Today 12:50pm

The Evolution of Game of Thrones' Effects With VFX Boss Joe Bauer

When you get a chance to talk to Game of Thrones’ VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, you don’t ask him about the weather. So we didn’t—instead, we asked him to discuss the greatest FX scenes over the show’s five seasons in this exclusive io9 video, and the show’s ever-evolving with practical effects and digital wizardry. » 7/07/15 12:40pm Today 12:40pm

The U.S. Government's Piss-Poor Anti-ISIS Propaganda Campaign

Behold the propaganda leaflets that the United States and its coalition partners are producing in the battle against ISIS. They have been circulating since December on social media, aimed to dissuade foreign fighters or just plain Muslims from joining the ranks. The message, and the imagery, are pathetic. But there is… » 7/07/15 12:31pm Today 12:31pm