Off-Duty Cops Really Want To Bring Their Guns Into NFL Stadiums

Earlier this month the National Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, urging him to allow off-duty law enforcement officers to bring their guns into NFL stadiums. The Fraternal Order of Police believes that if off-duty cops have their guns, they will be able to prevent an ISIS… »Yesterday 11:55pm11/30/15 11:55pm


The decline and fall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, at a Christmas tree lighting, in Madison, o

The decline and fall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, at a Christmas tree lighting, in Madison, on Sunday: “After the tree lit up, he suddenly fell. The crowd hushed. He’s been ‘nipping at the eggnog a little bit, feeling festive,’ Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett joked.” »Yesterday 11:31pm11/30/15 11:31pm

Pharmaceuticals Rapscallion Martin Shkreli Now Playing the Stock Market Like a Goddamn Pan Flute

Here’s a fun story a few weeks in the making, starring everyone’s favorite price-gouging pharmaceuticals asswipe, Martin Shkreli. This one involves another small and fading pharmaceutical company, the stink of market manipulation, and a lot of pissed off investor-types. »Yesterday 11:21pm11/30/15 11:21pm

Police Were at Burger King with Missing Security Footage on the Night of Laquan McDonald's Death

NBC 5 News has obtained screengrabs of interior video footage from the Burger King near where police shot and killed Laquan McDonald last year, appearing to show Chicago police at a computer terminal the night of the shooting. Over an hour of footage is missing from the store’s security video. »Yesterday 10:20pm11/30/15 10:20pm

Family of Still-Missing Kathleen McCormack, Robert Durst's First Wife, Sues Him for $100 Million

On Monday, Ann McCormack, mother of Kathleen McCormack, filed a $100 million lawsuit against her late daughter’s husband, Robert Durst, claiming that Durst deprived McCormack’s family of the right to possession of a body for burial. McCormack disappeared 33 years ago, after receiving a phone call from her estranged… »Yesterday 9:13pm11/30/15 9:13pm

Sunken-Treasure Hunting Technology Is Better Than Ever

As you may have heard, technology is changing everything. Including, according to this New York Times story, treasure hunting! Actually, technology isn’t “changing” treasure hunting: it’s making it easier, which is catalyzing the dispute over to whom a deteriorating, treasure-laden, underwater shipwreck actually… »Yesterday 6:38pm11/30/15 6:38pm

Which Friend of Sid Blumenthal Did Hillary Try to Hook Up with a State Department Job?

The State Department just released a new batch of Hillary Clinton’s private emails, so you know what that means: lots of corny, goofball emails asking for articles to be printed out, plus some genuinely interesting items. Like Madame Secretary trying to do an HR favor for some friend of Sid Blumenthal. »Yesterday 6:20pm11/30/15 6:20pm

Donald Trump's Secret Meeting with Black Pastors as Explained by Donald Trump

Earlier today, Donald Trump met with “over a hundred” black pastors in a private meeting after it came out that Trump was (falsely) framing the event as a public endorsement. Even so, Trump still sort of got the press conference he wanted—albeit with only about half a dozen pastors flanking him. And also Omarosa was… »Yesterday 5:13pm11/30/15 5:13pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 310: What Does Kristin Like to Eat? 

Kristin Cavallari’s favorite celebrity news outlet is perhaps E! News. E! does not drag her into drama and shit, like Us Weekly does, and it was E! that first broke the news that Kristin was writing a book.* Kristin has done a lot of interviews with E!, including an E! Entertainment Special about her life, which I… »Yesterday 5:00pm11/30/15 5:00pm

Has Mike Allen Promised You a Softball Interview?

Last week, we published emails in which Mike Allen, the chief White House correspondent of Politico, promised to provide completely positive coverage of Chelsea Clinton in exchange for a sit-down interview at a brunch hosted by the political news outlet. Allen initially claimed ignorance—“I don’t remember this e-mail” »Yesterday 4:42pm11/30/15 4:42pm