NYPD Union Leaders Are Still Completely Out of Their Minds

Yesterday in front of the NYPD’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, a police captain pled guilty to pointing his gun at a pair of tweenage boys who were playing tag in their Bed Stuy street in 2013. He received just 30 days of lost vacation time for threatening deadly force against two innocent children. You might think… »10/09/15 11:21am46 minutes ago

Damaging Winds and a Tornado or Two Are Possible Along I-95 Corridor This Afternoon

It’s been a while since we’ve had to talk about severe weather, and today it could threaten the East Coast of all places. A decent cold front pushing toward the coast this afternoon might trigger strong thunderstorms from Nashville to Boston, and some could be severe. Even a few tornadoes are possible in the NYC and… »10/09/15 11:18am48 minutes ago

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Says Cosby Rape Allegations Ruined The Cosby Show

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show, is now speaking out about the dozens of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. He told Page Six on Thursday that he’s primarily upset about the tarnished legacy of The Cosby Show. »10/09/15 10:01amToday 10:01am

"Say What You Will About Apocalypse, You Can Do Your Own Thing": A Conversation With Claire Vaye Watkins

Like real women, fictional women are often seen as wish-fulfillment. The “strength” that we look for in a female protagonist is often there for sentimental purposes, and rarely resembles the iron, irradiated accountability that matters in real life, a type of strength that’s like the desert—unsparing and mercurial.… »10/09/15 9:15amToday 9:15am

Democrats Are Trolling Republicans with Sick Political Burns

After the auspicious stepping-down of former tan mom/emotional dad John Boehner, and the subsequent withdrawal of speaker candidate Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican party is at a loss, grasping for straws — or anyone who will volunteer to lead the party. Meanwhile, the Democrats are having a jolly good laugh at the… »10/08/15 9:31pmYesterday 9:31pm

Source: Kevin McCarthy Affair Rumors Have Been Circulating For Months

Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, is the current majority leader in the House, and was the heavy favorite to replace the departing John Boehner as Speaker. That was, at least, until he suddenly removed his name from consideration today, leaving fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill in “chaos” and “tears.” »10/08/15 6:20pmYesterday 6:20pm

Randy Quaid Is Being Sent Back to America, Promises He's Not As Weird As You Think

Actor Randy Quaid—Dennis’s eccentric, bearded older brother—was arrested in Montreal Wednesday for the second time this year. At an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing Thursday, Canadian border officers revealed the reason why: They had ordered Quaid to leave Canada next Wednesday, and believed he would not comply. »10/08/15 5:50pmYesterday 5:50pm

Daniel Craig Would Rather Kill Himself Than Do Another James Bond–So Don't Even Ask!!!!

Daniel Craig recently stopped by Time Out on a media tour promoting the upcoming James Bond film Spectre. The film is the latest in a sexy series which Craig tells Time Out he’d—hmm, oh, rather slash his wrists than continue to be a part of. Pre-sale tickets available now! »10/08/15 5:41pmYesterday 5:41pm