How Can Will Smith Work Alongside Jared Leto for Six Months Without Ever Meeting Jared Leto?

“How can Will Smith work alongside Jared Leto for six months without ever meeting Jared Leto?” It’s a classic riddle—one which has teased the brains of newborn and elderly alike for eons. “A river,” you guess, like an idiot. “A coffin,” you guess, like another idiot. “The surgeon is his mother.” No. »10/06/15 3:26pm5 minutes ago

Who's the Boss's Danny Pintauro Says He Contracted HIV Through Oral Sex

Danny Pintauro, who played squeak-voiced Jonathan on the classic ‘80s sitcom Who’s the Boss, recently came out as HIV positive on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, and was subsequently barraged with idiotic questions that revealed new sides to the deep ignorance of Candace Cameron Bure on The View (“I want to… »10/06/15 2:16pmToday 2:16pm

Here's What a $1.3 Million Bribe (Allegedly) Buys a Top United Nations Official With a Taste For the Good Life

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors indicted John Ashe, the former president of the U.N. General Assembly, on charges that he’d received close to $1.3 million in bribes from Chinese real estate developers. But far more interesting than the allegations of corruption (yawn) are the items he’s accused of purchasing with the… »10/06/15 2:05pmToday 2:05pm

Report: Oregon Gunman's Sad Ravings Included Rant About Not Having a Girlfriend

Christopher Harper-Mercer, the gunman who shot nine people to death at an Oregon community college Thursday morning before killing himself, left behind a collection of predictably delusional notes in which he complained about not having a girlfriend, according to a law enforcement official who spoke with the… »10/06/15 11:24amToday 11:24am