Golfing Surgeon Talks Harrison Ford Rescue: "He Was Moaning and in Pain"

A spinal surgeon who helped rescue Harrison Ford after the actor's plane crash on an L.A. golf course yesterday afternoon described the experience to ABC News. "He was stunned a bit," Sanjay Khurana said. "He was moaning and in pain." » 3/06/15 2:35pm 35 minutes ago

Thousands-Large Mob Seized Prisoner Accused of Rape, Beat Him to Death

Thousands of people in Dimapur, India, stormed a jail that was holding a man accused of rape, brought him out into the streets, and beat him to death on Thursday, the New York Times reports. Police who were guarding the jail were overcome by the mob, though an official was unable to explain how. » 3/06/15 2:20pm 50 minutes ago

Running a Sex Dungeon in Brooklyn's Stroller Capital Is Rewarding Work

Picture a New York City sex dungeon. Now picture a typical Park Slope apartment. Now picture a New York City sex dungeon inside of a Park Slope apartment. What does it look like? Hardwood floors or dingy concrete? Whips, chains, baby pics on the fridge? A lonely bottle of hand sanitizer laid atop a thrift-store side… » 3/06/15 1:17pm Today 1:17pm

Lena Dunham's Wig Is the Least Realistic Thing About Scandal

On Scandal, a presidential election has been rigged, a woman has gnawed a tracking device out of her arm, and the Republican president's gay chief of staff is engaged to a prostitute. All inherently more believable than the moppet hair glued onto Lena Dunham's scalp for her upcoming guest role. » 3/06/15 1:04pm Today 1:04pm

How Do You Discipline a Child in the Post-Hitting Era?

American children are a bunch of spoiled brats. You've likely heard the refrain repeated for years now, and new verses are always being added. A couple years ago Elizabeth Kolbert's widely shared New Yorker article "Spoiled Rotten" remarked that, "With the exception of the imperial offspring of the Ming dynasty and… » 3/06/15 1:04pm Today 1:04pm

An Isolation Tank in Winter is the Best Place to Feel Happy and Alone

At an aggressively loud party a few weeks ago, as the lights from a rainbow disco ball flashed directly into my eyes, I thought about the float tank. A skinny white DJ bounced along to an EDM remix of a well-known pop song, but nestled behind my forehead was serenity and peace. I stayed for one drink and got the… » 3/06/15 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

ISIS Militants Bulldoze and Ransack Ancient City of Nimrud 

In another assault on Iraq's cultural legacy, Islamic State militants reportedly destroyed the remains of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud Thursday, an attack Iraq's tourism and antiquities ministry says "defy the will of the world and the feelings of humanity." » 3/06/15 9:07am Today 9:07am

Teach Your Cat to Use Skype With This Pet Friendly Guide

You're relaxing on the beach. It's 85 degrees. You're sipping a daiquiri, thinking about joining the conga line when it hits you: I hope my cats are OK! Fortunately, thanks to Skype, it's easier than ever to check in with your pets while you're away. They may not take to it immediately, but learning to use Skype » 3/06/15 12:00pm Today 12:00pm