Kim Davis' Deputies Agree to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses While She's Locked Up

After Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis was held in contempt of court and locked up Thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples “on God’s authority,” five of her six deputy clerks told a judge they would begin issuing the licenses as the law requires. »9/03/15 3:53pm16 minutes ago

Teen Girls Give the Best Dating Advice On This Period Tracking App

My new favorite app is: myPill, a pink- and purple-colored period and birth control pill tracker that costs $4.99 in the app store. I bought it this week on the recommendation of my younger sister, and I’m glad I did. The price is probably not worth it for the main pill reminder feature—just set a regular alarm!—but… »9/03/15 3:00pmToday 3:00pm

Is Shop Jeen's Viral Success Story All Window Dressing?

For a certain type of internet-fluent teenager, Shop Jeen is an unsurpassed mecca of cool. The retailer’s homepage looks as if a sex-crazed Hello Kitty threw up after drinking 1,000 jello shots, selling things like “Turnt Jesus” iPhone cases, “University of Bad Bitches” sweatshirts and T-shirts screaming “Ask Your… »9/03/15 2:48pmToday 2:48pm

"Gone Girl" Kidnapping Suspect Confesses to Reporter Off the Record

Matthew Muller, the prime suspect in a California kidnapping that’s become known as the “Gone Girl” case because police initially believed the victim faked the crime, agreed to tell a reporter a few things “off the record” in a jailhouse interview. One of those things was apparently that he did it, Wired’s Kevin… »9/03/15 2:24pmToday 2:24pm

Weekend Rain Should Help Firefighters Battle Raging Fires in the Northwest

The United States is in a weather drought right now—there’s not much to talk about outside of the tropics. However, this weekend will feature some active weather in an area they need it the most. Heavy rain is possible in the interior northwest around Idaho and Montana over the next several days, potentially aiding… »9/03/15 2:04pmToday 2:04pm

France Can "Confirm With Certainty" That Plane Debris Belonged to MH370

The piece of debris found in July on Reunion Island definitely belonged to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, French prosecutors confirmed Thursday. Their announcement comes three weeks after Malaysia’s prime minister publicly “confirmed” the same thing, though France at the time—citing, in part, inexplicable… »9/03/15 12:42pmToday 12:42pm

SOLVED!: The Mystery of Justin Bieber's VMA Tears

When the dust settles, this year’s VMAs are bound to be remembered best for the bodily functions they captured: Taylor Swift’s pre-show fart, and Justin Bieber’s post-performance tears. While it was very clear to me that Bieber was impressed both with himself and his ability to impress the audience (very much like … »9/03/15 12:20pmToday 12:20pm

The Secret Story Of How Bubonic Plague Nearly Broke Out In New York City

This is the story — kept secret at the time, still largely unreported today — of how the most infamous disease in history broke into New York City in the midst of World War II. This is the story of the ominously-named “Wyoming matter,” and how it took me months to track down evidence it ever happened. »9/03/15 12:12pmToday 12:12pm

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Are in Love With Fall’s Hottest Benghazi Apparel

Over the course of the past few years, the Benghazi “scandal” has evolved from tragedy to right-wing conspiracy theory to internet sensation to even more insane right-wing conspiracy theory, and everywhere in between. But nowhere has the Benghazi phenomenon been quite so prolific (and profitable) as it has on one of… »9/03/15 11:12amToday 11:12am

New Orleans, Which Still Has a White League Monument, May Finally Remove Its White League Monument

Everyone knows that racism is over in America. We have a black president! Come on. Think about Oprah, and Jay Z is pretty famous too. What’s the problem, all those officially sanctioned monuments to violent white supremacist uprisings against the government? I mean, we’re working on taking them down. Baby steps. »9/03/15 10:52amToday 10:52am

Someone Appears To Be Trying To Hoax The Marlins President Out Of His Job

When the Miami Marlins sent Marcell Ozuna to the minors on July 5, there was more in play than just giving the slumping third-year outfielder a chance “to get his rhythm back,” as Ozuna’s agent Scott Boras said he was told. Whether Ozuna becomes eligible for arbitration after this season or next depends on how much… »9/03/15 10:40amToday 10:40am