​The Westboro Baptist Church Is Protesting All of Silicon Valley

Westboro Baptist Church, the reviled homophobic hate group, has found a new target to protest: every company in Silicon Valley. Congratulations, you just found the quickest way to make the tech industry look hella sympathetic. The enemy of these lunatics is everyone's friend. » 7/30/14 12:41pm 8 minutes ago

Arya Stark Is Sick of Snobby Game of Thrones Book Readers

There are two competing schools of thought when it comes to Game of Thrones spoilers. One holds that anything that hasn't appeared on HBO is a spoiler that should be kept tightly under wraps. The other argues the books have been available for years, and viewers who don't want to be surprised by unaired plot details… » 7/30/14 12:35pm 14 minutes ago

Here's Some Perspective on the Enormous UCLA Water Main Break

In a state seeing one of the worst droughts in its history, water is a precious commodity. Yesterday's burst of a nearly century-old water main wasted eight to ten million gallons of water, putting more strain on California's already-burdened resources. Here's some perspective on how much water Los Angeles really lost… » 7/30/14 11:58am 50 minutes ago

Real Housewives of NY Display Moderate to Severe Delusions at Reunion

In a strictly clinical sense, it is very difficult to determine for certain which of Aviva, Sonja and Ramona is the most bonkers. Happily, the first installment of the Real Housewives of New York reunion provides us with additional evidence involving the Bible, Grey Gardens, and inhalers, as well as other notable… » 7/30/14 11:20am Today 11:20am

McDonald's Ordered to Take Responsibility For Its Own Fuckery

For two years now, labor groups have been working on a loud public campaign to improve wages and working conditions for fast food workers. Their campaign has been viewed as quixotic. But yesterday, the government gave them an enormous boost. » 7/30/14 11:09am Today 11:09am

NYU Kid Whose "Dad Owns Half of Manhattan" Is Now a Brooklyn Intern

Gerry Shalam, the 20-year-old NYU student caught on camera pretending to be the heir to a massive real estate empire—"half of fucking Manhattan," no less!—is now an intern for a judge in Brooklyn, the New York Post reports. » 7/30/14 11:06am Today 11:06am

Nathan For You's "Dumb Starbucks" Episode Lived Up to the Hype

Up top: The kind of impressive, world-spanning prank whose success would send most comedians into a self-destructive spiral of attention-hounding and cruelty... if that weren't what the show's already about. » 7/30/14 10:50am Today 10:50am

Every Samuel L. Jackson "Motherfucker" in One Motherfucking Supercut

Rarely have one man and one expletive been as synonymous as Samuel L. Jackson and "motherfucker." Jackson has said the word onscreen 171 times, according to Huffington Post motherfuckerologists Oliver Noble and Ben Craw, who also produced the above supercut of Jackson cementing his personal brand. » 7/30/14 10:10am Today 10:10am

Little Girl Cries Because She Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother to Grow Up

Sadie, age 5, has just confronted the fact that her adorable baby brother won't stay a baby forever. His little baby smiles will soon become slightly-less-adorable toddler smiles. And eventually, the icy finger of death will beckon her, her brother, and all of us. Probably when we're a hundred. » 7/30/14 9:39am Today 9:39am

Friendship Means Saving Your Bestie From Herself

It's National Friendship Day, and, really, is there a more important holiday? If life is a cheesy 80's movie, friends are the weed edibles that make it watchable. Without amigos, who would stop us from getting baby bangs? Your friends constantly save you from the horrorshow that is your life, and it's time to repay… » 7/30/14 12:00pm 49 minutes ago