Here's Jon Stewart's Take on FIFA's Long, Blatant History of Corruption

Swiss authorities this week arrested seven top officials of FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, on allegations of a racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud conspiracy that’s been ongoing for the past 24 years. Wednesday night, Jon Stewart speculated about what took so fucking long.
» 5/28/15 12:55pm 41 minutes ago

White Lunatic Arrested For Terrorizing Kindly Muslim Couple at Gunpoint

Majida and Adly Abumayaleh were just driving across their suburban Minneapolis-area neighborhood on a Friday night to get their teen son from a party. Until a self-appointed watchwoman, Nancy Kay Knoble, decided they might be agents of international jihad and grabbed a rifle. » 5/28/15 12:43pm 52 minutes ago

Facebook Messenger Is Following You

Facebook Messenger is the single most popular app in the entire iTunes store. Millions of people now use it on their phones instead of SMS, which means that millions of people have been letting Facebook tap their exact locations whenever they chat. Who needs the NSA? » 5/28/15 11:15am Today 11:15am

Walmart Made Tracy Morgan an Offer He Didn't Refuse for Fatal Limo Crash

According to reports, Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart reached a confidential settlement almost a full year after a Wal-Mart truck slammed into Morgan’s limo, severely injuring Morgan and five other passengers—one of whom died almost instantly . » 5/27/15 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

EDM Bros Get Wasted, Homoerotic as Mum Looks On, Smiling

The clip reel above is like a One Direction video with a hard-R rating. It’s like “Kiss You” with willies out. » 5/27/15 6:30pm Yesterday 6:30pm