Dangerous Severe Weather Outbreak Possible in the Midwest on Sunday

After a long period without any severe weather, the atmosphere appears primed for a potentially dangerous severe weather outbreak tomorrow across areas from Kansas to Minnesota. Some areas could see tornadoes, baseball-size hail, and winds in excess of 75 MPH. » 8/30/14 3:33pm Yesterday 3:33pm

Forward or Delete: This Week's Fake Viral Photos

Occasionally, against all odds, you'll see an interesting or even enjoyable picture on the Internet. But is it worth sharing, or just another Photoshop job that belongs in the digital trash heap? Check in here and find out if that viral photo deserves an enthusiastic "forward" or a pitiless "delete." » 8/30/14 12:13pm Yesterday 12:13pm

Cop Charged With Sexually Assaulting Eight Women Under Threat of Arrest

Officer Daniel Holtzclaw of the Oklahoma City Police Department was arrested last week on charges that he'd sexually assaulted and raped eight black women while allegedly threatening to arrest them if they did not submit to him. He has now been charged after his arrest in the middle of August. » 8/30/14 10:55am Yesterday 10:55am

Cee-Lo Green Pleads No Contest to Putting Ecstasy In a Woman's Drink

Cee-Lo Green avoided a potential jail sentence today by pleading no contest to charges that he slipped a female companion MDMA on a date last year, allegedly leading her to wake up next to him with no memory of what happened the night before. » 8/29/14 5:40pm Friday 5:40pm

Watch Embarrassing Commercials Celebrities Made Before They Were Famous

Back before Bryan Cranston was winning Emmys and making out with Julia Louis Dreyfus, he was hawking hemorrhoid cream. Brad Pitt once tried his hardest to make eating Pringles look like a sexy, fun thing to do. Now you can watch those auspicious debuts and more in this "Before They Were Famous" supercut. » 8/29/14 4:30pm Friday 4:30pm

James Foley's Sister Was Probably Not a Crisis Actor​

America's huddled masses made an interesting discovery: The sister of brutally and publicly murdered photojournalist James Foley, Katie Foley, bears some resemblance to a former classmate of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. Could the Secret Summer Stock really have used the same crisis actor twice? (Probably not.) » 8/29/14 4:17pm Friday 4:17pm

​Weekend TV Is Getting Started a Little Early

It's been a long time since I worked 9 to 5 and I am still making my peace with weekends and a three-or-four day weekend is like, "What will we do? Will we still be the same people, on the other side of that cavern of nothingness? Do I remember how to read books?" It stresses me out. Anyway Happy Labor Day Weekend,… » 8/29/14 3:34pm Friday 3:34pm