Now the East Coast Has Its Own Predatory Parking App

San Francisco already fought off the scrounge of predatory parking apps, successfully getting MonkeyParking and ParkModo to suspend their parking spot auctioning services. But the Street Parking Arbitrage Revolution is just gaining steam on the East Coast, and Bostonians are fucking pissed. » 7/29/14 6:05pm 4 minutes ago

The Worst Badvertising and Best Radvertising of Comic-Con 2014

The bigger Comic-Con gets, the more the marketing madness spreads across San Diego. And this year, the advertising was everywhere. Some good, some pretty terrible. So we picked through the swag and the interactive experiences, to find the very best and the very worst of Comic-Con advertising. » 7/29/14 5:47pm 22 minutes ago

Woman Explains Why She Broke Into a House Through a Doggy Door, Naked

Nearly a year and a half ago, Sara Soto became mildly infamous as "the naked doggy door girl," arrested after breaking into a Texas home through a pet door and hiding in the bathroom (completely nude) until the homeowners found her. She just told her side of the story to MTV in possibly the most in-depth investigation… » 7/29/14 5:25pm 45 minutes ago

Dead Navy SEAL Who Said He Beat Jesse Ventura's Ass Now Owes Him $1.8M

Proving once again that he can do anything, former pro-wrestler, Minnesota governor and balding conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura won a defamation suit against a dead Navy SEAL Tuesday afternoon, and the dead Navy SEAL's estate now owes Jesse Ventura $1.845 million. » 7/29/14 5:15pm 55 minutes ago

Is the Grilled Cheese Startup Silicon Valley's Most Elaborate Joke?

Three years ago, the powerhouse tech investors at Sequoia Capital announced they were putting $10 million into The Melt, a small chain of grilled cheese sandwich restaurants. Today, The Melt is not only still around, but somehow dumber than ever. » 7/29/14 5:09pm Today 5:09pm

Neuroscientist Arrested for Pointing Rifle at Women in Phoenix Airport

Respected neuroscientist Dr. Peter Steinmetz, MD, PhD, didn't really have any specific business at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix last Friday—he says he was just looking for some coffee. » 7/29/14 5:03pm Today 5:03pm

Flash Flooding Possible Across Much of the Southern Rockies This Week

Monsoon season is in full swing across parts of the western United States as areas from Nevada to Oklahoma — including most of the state of Colorado — are under a flash flood watch for the next couple of days. Parts of the region could see three to four inches of rain by the time the event is over on Wednesday. » 7/29/14 4:42pm Today 4:42pm

Like an Evil Witch, CIA Tortured Prisoners in Polish Forest

Europe's Court of Human Rights has decreed that Poland must pay a ransom of 230,000 euros for allowing the CIA to practice the dark art of tradecraft in the forests near Stare Kiejkuty. Many believe that Romania and Lithuania will also pay for allowing the agency to establish "Black Sites" in their realms. » 7/29/14 4:32pm Today 4:32pm

A Rich Treasury of Reality TV Worker Stories

Over the past few weeks, we've brought you several installments of true stories from the overworked, underpaid, and ill-treated employees who work at all levels in reality TV. We now offer you an absolute slew of new emails about the dark side of the "nonfiction" TV industry. » 7/29/14 3:58pm Today 3:58pm

Woman Dresses 4-Year-Old Daughter as Hooters Waitress for Beauty

"Some people may say it's controversial, especially the theme I've chosen, but at the end of the day, little girls wear swimming costumes to the beach all summer, and that's not a controlled environment. The environment my kids go in is a controlled environment and it is ticket-entry only," explains 33-year-old… » 7/29/14 3:49pm Today 3:49pm

Watch a Maryland Republican Sing "Dixie" With His Fellow Secessionists

Michael Peroutka is a former candidate for president of the United States. He's currently running as a Republican for a council seat in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Around 1:55 in the video above, watch him grab a guitar, ask everyone to "stand for the national anthem," and start belting out "Dixie." » 7/29/14 3:23pm Today 3:23pm

Walmart Is Gobbling Up Faltering Tech Startups For Everyday Low Prices

Yahoo may have cemented its reputation as a dumping ground for failed mobile startups, but Walmart is staking out a similar renown with shopping startups. Over the last few months, the nation's favorite predatory retailer has been buying up some Silicon Valley e-commerce cruft. » 7/29/14 2:50pm Today 2:50pm

Mustang-Loving Kid Pulled Over For Speeding Has Worst Day Ever

Speeding tickets are about as much fun as a combination math test and root canal. This teen with the Sith-style Mustang was pulled over in Montgomery County, Texas, and managed to have an already lousy situation get much worse. Though it could have been much worse still, thanks to a pickup driver who spilled a drink… » 7/29/14 2:48pm Today 2:48pm