Planned Parenthood Shooter Has Been Investigated by Police for Numerous Incidents, Including Domestic Violence 

Robert Lewis Dear, the 57-year-old arrested for the shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, has been investigated by the police for numerous incidents ranging from leering to domestic violence, and cruelty to animals. Buzzfeed reports that prior to relocating to Hartsel, Colorado, Dear was previously a… »6 minutes ago11/28/15 2:01pm


Three Dead, Nine Wounded After Attack at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood [UPDATED]

A “stocky, bearded white male wearing a trench coat” is currently in custody following an hours-long standoff and shootout at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic that left three dead, including one police officer. »Yesterday 8:35pm11/27/15 8:35pm

Fox News Commentator Blames Planned Parenthood Shooter on Obama

While Colorado police were apprehending the Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Friday night, Fox News was busy ensuring its level of discourse met our most base expectations. Which, of course, amounts to little more than: Thanks, Obama. »Yesterday 7:48pm11/27/15 7:48pm

On Friday, presumably to burnish his (non-existent) foreign policy credentials, Republican president

On Friday, presumably to burnish his (non-existent) foreign policy credentials, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson traveled to Jordan for a two-day tour of several camps of Syrian refugees, who he previously compared to rabid dogs. »Yesterday 4:27pm11/27/15 4:27pm

Who Will Be Crowned King of the Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You’re settling in to catch up on the blogs you missed while “spending quality time” with your family. Right next to you is a juicy pile of meat slapped between two pieces of rustic Italian loaf. Maybe there’s some lettuce on there. Maybe you went big and added some stuffing. There’s… »Yesterday 2:14pm11/27/15 2:14pm

Former Oklahoma Cop's Defense Attempts to Undermine Credibility of Women Accusing Him of Rape

So far, 13 days into the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer charged with 36 counts, including rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, and stalking, in connection with 13 different women, the prosecution has called more than 40 witnesses, including nine of Holtzclaw’s accusers. … »Yesterday 1:57pm11/27/15 1:57pm

Providence's Dancing Traffic Cop Got Fired For Protesting Against Black Lives Matter

Last month, after a Dunkin’ Donuts wrote “#blacklivesmatter” on a police officer’s coffee cup, Tony Lepore, Providence’s infamous dancing cop, who has directed holiday traffic in the city since 1984, organized a protest. He was fired on Tuesday, the Providence Journal reports. »Yesterday 12:21pm11/27/15 12:21pm