Frat With "Disturbing" Nude Pics Album Can't Be a Frat For Like 3 Years

Penn State administrators announced Wednesday that a fraternity that maintained a well-curated secret Facebook page full of pictures of unconscious, naked women will lose its official recognition until 2018, pretty much ruining senior year. » 5/27/15 12:37am Today 12:37am

Alleged Dog Smuggler Johnny Depp Could Face 10 Years in Prison

Industrial rock guitarist, liar, and accused international canine trafficker Johnny Depp may face up to 10 years in prison or a maximum fine of $340,000, The Sydney Morning Herald reports, penalties related to sneaking his dogs into Australia in April. » 5/26/15 11:00pm Yesterday 11:00pm

Inside the Automated UPS Complex That Sorts 7,000 Packages a Minute

Just before midnight, UPS’s Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky begins to come alive. Boeing 757s start roaring overhead. Packages whoosh by on miles of conveyer belts. Before the sun is up, 1.6 million packages will be unloaded and loaded again, sent along toward their final destinations. » 5/26/15 6:30pm Yesterday 6:30pm

Singles Performed By Teens Who Had Less Crossover Appeal Than Expected

One of the greatest things about the entertainment business is the relative ease with which Popular Teens (and, oddly enough, Real Housewives) can snap up ill-advised record deals. Largely lost to the annals of history, most of these teen queen songs didn’t exactly “make the charts” or, for that matter, “make any… » 5/26/15 6:15pm Yesterday 6:15pm

Lauren Conrad's Team of "Ding Dongs" Threatened The Eric Andre Show

In the third wacky season of The Eric Andre Show (a perfect show that I will love forever), crazyboy host Eric Andre interviewed Lauren “?” Conrad, who appeared both bored and uncomfortable with his off-kilter style. In an interview today with Hopes&Fears, producer Joshua Cohen revealed that Conrad was very mad about… » 5/26/15 6:05pm Yesterday 6:05pm

Cleancast: How Many Unread New Yorkers Are Piled On The Coffee Table?

My guest for Episode 2 of my new Ask a Clean Person podcast was Gawker’s own Dayna Evans, who joined me to talk about her calendar obsession, and the trials and tribulations of making the move from a day planner to digital scheduling. We agreed that there was just something about the siren’s call of the old-fashioned… » 5/26/15 5:35pm Yesterday 5:35pm

The Creepy Fundamentalist Homeschool Cult That Trained the Duggars

You know about the Duggars, the evangelical Christian family whose 19 children catapulted them to fame through Discovery Health specials and TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, and you know about Josh Duggar, the eldest son, who admitted last week to molesting several underage girls as a teen—including his own sisters. » 5/26/15 5:15pm Yesterday 5:15pm