Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Left That No-Good Cheater Scott Disick 

The Kardashian-Disick House hath fallen and our lady Kourtney is a Lady no more. According to reports, the third-most popular Kardashian and her long-term partner “Lord Scott Disick” have split for good, and not just because he refers to himself as “Lord Scott Disick.” » 7/06/15 1:06pm 7 minutes ago

Business Insider Invites You to Visit North Korea's Glorious New Airport

While many Americans were busy celebrating this beautiful nation over the long weekend, Business Insider proclaimed the glory of a breathtaking new airport inside the invincible and triumphant Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, bringing much honor to the Dear Leader and his people. True, the majority of those… » 7/06/15 12:39pm 34 minutes ago

More Heavy Rain to Soak Areas of Central U.S. Already Soaked to the Bone

Have you had a chance to dry out from Rainpocalypse 2015? I hope so! We’re getting ready to see significant amounts of rain across the central U.S. in a short amount of time, and flash flood watches are in place in anticipation of this environmental ablution as we trudge through the first full week of July. » 7/06/15 12:20pm 54 minutes ago

Ball So Hard: How Hard Did We Ball on Our Holiday Weekend Ballers

Last night’s tim-tam flim-flam Ballers, Baby, Ballers! television program on premium network HBO was either exactly what you needed after a holiday weekend or a bludgeoning to your skull, and possibly both. And the ballers? Well, this Independence Day weekend: They finally balled. And they balled hard. » 7/06/15 12:12pm Today 12:12pm

Hugh Jackman's Wife: My Straight Husband Is Tempted by Beautiful Women

Strong sexy straight man Hugh Jackman worries his wife when he shoots with beautiful women because he gets tempted—Tempted to design a line of accessories for them? you ask—no, tempted to do sex things with them!http://gawker.com/5984044/hugh-j... » 7/06/15 11:56am Today 11:56am

Drone of the Day: S-100 Camcopter

Here’s an oddity in the world of drones: The S-100 Camcopter, manufactured by the Austrian company Schiebel, is operated by both the super-secret SEAL Team 6 and the Chinese Navy. Both the Pakistani and Indian armed forces fly it (the video above is courtesy of the Brazilian Navy). One has mysteriously crashed in… » 7/06/15 11:43am Today 11:43am

Someone Trolled the "Ask Amy" Advice Column Using the Plot of The Room

If you thought the plot of Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 camp classic The Room was plausible, worth taking seriously, and merely in need of a more stable guiding hand to make sense, congratulations, you’re no longer the only person on earth who feels that way. Writing under the name “Devastated,” someone essentially transcribed… » 7/06/15 11:01am Today 11:01am

Tillie Decided to Betray Big-Dicked Killer Escapee While Eating Chinese

Now we reportedly know when and where Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell changed her mind about wanting her loyal, if delusional, husband murdered by the formerly escaped killers David Sweat and Richard Matt. It was while dining at a Chinese restaurant with her husband, Lyle, the night of the escape that Tillie realized that… » 7/06/15 10:50am Today 10:50am

What Was "The Game"? A Question and Answer About Last Night

Last night, “the game” was the Women’s World Cup final between the United States and Japan. The Americans scored four goals in the game’s first 16 minutes and eventually won 5-2, avenging their loss to the Japanese in the 2011 final. It is the U.S.’s first Women’s World Cup title since 1999. … » 7/06/15 10:17am Today 10:17am

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Married or Perhaps Remarried Who Knows

It’s officially safe to presume Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—two beautiful famous people with an arguable talent for emoting—have entered a contract of holy matrimony. Or maybe they got married again. Who knows? These are the great mysteries of our time and they reveal themselves at their will, not ours. … » 7/06/15 8:42am Today 8:42am