Scarlett Johansson Spoils Mayweather-Pacquiao For The SNL Cast

Most of us had the choice to watch Saturday Night Live or Mayweather-Pacquiao this weekend. Jay Pharoah did not, because he had to work. You could tell he wanted to watch the fight, however, because at the end of the show, host Scarlett Johansson let everyone know that Mayweather won, and Pharoah’s face dropped. » 5/04/15 9:01pm Today 9:01pm

Subway Shooter Willie Groomes Will Not Be Charged in Slaying

Willie Groomes, a retired correction officer who shot and killed 32-year-old Gilbert Drogheo in Brooklyn’s Borough Hall subway station in March, will not be indicted in the shooting, Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson announced in a statement this evening. » 5/04/15 8:19pm Today 8:19pm

Why Zack Kopplin Is Losing Ground In The War Against Creationists

For the past eight years, 21-year-old Zack Kopplin has been fighting to keep creationism out of Louisiana’s science classrooms. Despite a series of setbacks and the feeling that he’s continually losing battles, Kopplin still feels he’ll win the war. We spoke with him to learn more. » 5/04/15 7:38pm Today 7:38pm

Some Things You Didn't Know About The Annual Met Gala

Every year, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city hosts a fundraiser where nimble dolls dress up in ornate dresses and stand perfectly still next to less attractive dolls. The yearly ritual, while exhaustively documented, is not open to dirt people and regulars. What happens on the… » 5/04/15 6:00pm Today 6:00pm

Is This Proof That The US Air Force Can Aerially Refuel Stealth Drones?

The RQ-170 Sentinel went from “Beast of Kandahar” enigma to Bin Laden-catching fame to crashing into Iranian hands, all in about half a decade. Since then, there have been few photos and little official talk as to its existence. Yet these pictures may prove that the RQ-170, or an enhanced version of it, is capable of… » 5/04/15 5:30pm Today 5:30pm

What the Hell Are You Doing? You're Burning the Shit Out of My Plants!

With a little bit of headsmarts and ingenuity, anything is possible. Want to make a volcano but don’t particular remember middle school chemistry class? One young man has just the solution: a chiminea, a leafblower, and some dried up plants. It’s all you need to get in business—that is, until mom sees you. » 5/04/15 5:20pm Today 5:20pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 99: Kristin Has Never Met Olivia Munn But Yeah

Many days of Kristin ago, the world ceased to rotate on its axis for one brief moment when someone—specifically Kristin’s husband Jay Cutler’s coworker Kyle Long—stated that actress Olivia Munn was hotter than future author Kristin Cavallari. Breaking her legendary silence on the matter, Kristin remarked to Us Weekly » 5/04/15 5:05pm Today 5:05pm

This Week in the War Machine – May 4, 2015

There are dozens of military and intelligence exercises, war games, conferences, trade shows, and specialty conventions happening every month — both at home and abroad, from every branch of the national security world and their affiliated civilian contractors. We’ve bookmarked a select few, but by no means all, that… » 5/04/15 4:55pm Today 4:55pm

A Tropical Cyclone Will (Probably) Threaten the Southeast This Week

No sooner did the calendar crack May than we had to start worrying about a potential tropical system forming off the coast of the southeastern United States later this week. Anyone who lives near the coast from Florida to North Carolina needs to keep a close watch on this system. Here’s what you need to know to stay… » 5/04/15 4:45pm Today 4:45pm

I Went to a Simulated Teen Drinking Party and It Freaked Me the Fuck Out

I’m far from the target audience for the simulated teen drinking party I attended last weekend—that audience being freaked-out parents who want to see what really goes on at the hormone-fueled ragers their children are just starting to attend—but let me start by saying that the whole thing was very effective. I was… » 5/04/15 4:34pm Today 4:34pm