Eric Garner's Daughter Visited the Slain NYPD Officers' Memorial Today

Earlier today, Eric Garner's daughter visited the memorial for Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, the two NYPD officers killed on Saturday. "I just had to come out and let their family know that we stand with them, and I'm going to send my prayers and condolences to all the families who are suffering through this… » 12/22/14 5:55pm Today 5:55pm

If You Don't Want To Watch A Fish Suck a Dick, Here's a Description

A video file by the name of "2 guys 1 fish" is making its way around Twitter today. The video depicts a man receiving oral sex from a large fish. If you want to watch the video—which, let's be clear, depicts what is almost certainly an illegal act of animal abuse—it is located here. If you don't want to watch, but… » 12/22/14 5:35pm Today 5:35pm

Madonna's Only Christmas Decoration is a Wreath That Says "DAT ASS"

It has not been the most splendid holiday season for Madonna, who had an entire album's worth of new songs leak last week. Nonetheless, she appears to still be in the Christmas spirit. Above you see the lone Christmas decoration outside her mansion on 81st Street in Manhattan: a wreath with dangling chrome letters… » 12/22/14 5:25pm Today 5:25pm

North Korea's Internet Completely Blacked Out After Alleged Cyberattack

Just days after Barack Obama vowed to hit North Korea with a "proportional response" to their (alleged) involvement in hacking Sony Pictures Entertainment, the DPRK's fragile connection to the internet has "collapsed" and gone "completely dark," the New York Times reports. » 12/22/14 5:05pm Today 5:05pm

All Real Estate Inside, Outside of NYC Now Too Expensive 

On the real estate front, there's good news, and bad news. The bad news is you can't afford Manhattan. The good news is that Brooklyn is—oh. Hm. Well, the good news is that Queens is—oh. Shit. Uhhh.... » 12/22/14 4:30pm Today 4:30pm

Why I'm Kind Of Tired Of The "Smartest Man In The Room"

He used to be so cool and unpredictable. He would breeze into a complicated situation and make it simple through the razor-sharp power of his intellect. But lately, he's gotten dull and predictable, performing the same party trick over and over. The "smartest man in the room" is overexposed lately, and he needs a… » 12/22/14 4:20pm Today 4:20pm

Teacher Fired For Stuffing Eleven Kids in Car On Search for Snacks

An Oklahoma middle school teacher was fired last week for doing something you might do with your punkass cousins but probably shouldn't do if you're certified to teach minors: she put eleven kids in her Honda Accord and locked two of them in the trunk on a mission to find snacks. Snacks are important but they aren't… » 12/22/14 3:53pm Today 3:53pm

A Major Storm on Christmas Eve Will Probably Screw Up Your Travel Plans

Just in time for Christmas, a developing storm will create headaches for anyone planning to travel east of the Mississippi River later this week. The storm will drop heavy snow on the Great Lakes and bring thunderstorms, heavy rain, and gust winds to almost the entire East Coast. Merry Christmas! » 12/22/14 3:46pm Today 3:46pm

NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch Is Completely Nuts: A History

Patrick Lynch is the 51-year-old president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the largest and most influential union of the New York City Police Department. You might recognize his name: Over the weekend, Lynch blamed Bill de Blasio for the Saturday deaths of two Brooklyn cops who were murdered by a lone… » 12/22/14 3:39pm Today 3:39pm

Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner released this statement today regarding Sabrina Rubin Erdely's now-discredited story about an alleged gang rape at UVa: "We have asked the Columbia Journalism School to conduct an independent review of the editorial process that led to the publication of this story." » 12/22/14 2:27pm Today 2:27pm