America's Oldest Living Veteran Still Alive, Still Drinking Whiskey

America’s oldest living veteran—who, if I may speak freely, I truly love—just threw himself a “Mighty Fine at 109” party replete with burgers, cake and whiskey. I can only assume my invitation was lost in the mail and look forward to attending next year’s event. » 5/05/15 11:30pm Yesterday 11:30pm

D.A. Who Failed to Indict Eric Garner's Killer Elected to Congress

Staten Island district attorney Daniel Donovan has won a special election for the house seat left open by disgraced congressman Michael Grimm, who pled guilty to felony tax evasion in December, The New York Times reports. Donovan is the same D.A. whose office failed last year to secure an indictment for Daniel… » 5/05/15 11:05pm Yesterday 11:05pm

Yet Another Walking Dead Actor Arrested for Drunk Driving in Georgia

This weekend Peachtree City police nabbed a Walking Dead star for driving drunk near the Georgia town where the AMC show films. And if you’re thinking you’ve read this story before, you have: it’s the second time an actor from the show has been arrested for a DUI in that county. » 5/05/15 9:45pm Yesterday 9:45pm

Black Widow: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


The arguments over Black Widow have gotten ugly. Last night, Joss Whedon quit Twitter, with an image that pointed the blame at Twitter haters. But there’s a real issue with Black Widow, and her role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it’s worth talking about. It’s worth talking about it like adults. » 5/05/15 7:52pm Yesterday 7:52pm

Fox News' Resident MD: Men Should Be Able to Veto Women's Abortions

You may have heard about the New York Times’ most recent awful decision to make room for an awful op-ed, this time in the form of Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiance clamoring to get out of a contract because he essentially he decided he no longer wanted to be in one. This particular contract, of course, was about embryos.… » 5/05/15 5:55pm Yesterday 5:55pm

Things That Could Kill You According to, Ranked

Weather dot com has built itself into a traffic juggernaut over the past couple of years by positioning itself as the leading source for telling you what THIS is. With great power comes great responsibility, and you won’t believe how close you are to death until you’ve checked your local forecast.… » 5/05/15 5:46pm Yesterday 5:46pm

Chris Kattan at the Phoenix Airport: A Poignant Picture of Celeb Sadness

*Presses play on Haddaway* Hey, do you guys remember Chris Kattan? He was in a movie with Will Ferrell about dancing that was released when dinosaurs roamed the earth. In any event, Chris Kattan is still around, and it turns out he had a Sunday that was an acutely exquisite portrait of the sad life of a C-list… » 5/05/15 5:35pm Yesterday 5:35pm

Targeted Killing Is Just Good Business

Red Gate Group. The name is somewhat ominous. But don’t get too excited. It isn’t Blackwater and it’s only a $10 million a year operation. There’s no scandal; no hidden political contribution; no device that doesn’t work; there’s nothing unique at all. In fact it’s merely one of literally hundreds of companies just… » 5/05/15 5:21pm Yesterday 5:21pm

Manny Pacquiao Sued by Disgruntled Fans for Hiding Shoulder Injury

A couple of boxing fans have sued Manny Pacquiao for allegedly failing to disclose a torn rotator cuff before last weekend’s “fight of the century” against Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao’s team says he reported the injury to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but a form he filled out prior to the fight indicates no… » 5/05/15 5:20pm Yesterday 5:20pm

Ban Men from Literary Readings


There we are, sitting in the middle of a crowd of people in the back of a bookshop. Could be BookCourt, McNally, powerHouse, Housing Works: you know, the good ones. Maybe we’re even at a university. The author has spoken. The moderator has asked his own special questions. Silence has fallen. Now, the gazes of the… » 5/05/15 3:50pm Yesterday 3:50pm