Big Bird Actor: I Almost Died on the Challenger and I Cry in the Suit

The documentary I Am Big Bird—following the life of veteran muppeteer Caroll Spinney—doesn’t premiere until next week, but many of the film’s most interesting details are out today thanks to the New York Post. Among them: Spinner is related to Barack Obama, has used the suit to hide his tears and was a planned… » 5/03/15 4:35pm 15 minutes ago

101-Year-Old Man Found Alive in Rubble One Week After Nepal Earthquake

A 101-year-old man was among three survivors discovered by rescue workers this weekend in the aftermath of last week’s devastating earthquake in Nepal, NPR reports. According to Agence France-Presse, Funchu Tamang sustained only minor injuries to his hand and ankle after a week spent in the rubble of his home. » 5/03/15 1:45pm Today 1:45pm

Survivors: Boko Haram Stoned Girls on Brink of Rescue to Death

Earlier this week, as the Nigerian military approached their camp in the Sambisa Forest, Boko Haram fighters stoned some of their captives to death, survivors told the Associated Press. Several women were crushed by a Nigerian military armored car, and, later, three were killed by a land mine as they walked to freedom. » 5/03/15 12:43pm Today 12:43pm

Floyd Mayweather Is A Coward

I should have known better. I should have known that the fight would suck. I have lived long enough to know that the whole point of spending $100 on a pay-per-view boxing match is so you can complain about spending $100 on a pay-per-view boxing match. There were people back in the day who used to bitch about Mike… » 5/03/15 12:03pm Today 12:03pm

Report: Cop Dismissed Freddie Gray's Pleas for Help as "Jailitis"

During the 45-minute ride in a police van that killed Freddie Gray, an officer mocked the 25-year-old’s requests for medical attention as a case of “jailitis,” a new report from The Baltimore Sun reveals. » 5/03/15 10:30am Today 10:30am

Time Warner Cable Had a 12-Hour Wait for Customer Support on Fight Night

If you were hoping to watch the matchup between horrible man Floyd Mayweather and the less horrible Manny Pacquiao, it’s possible you had some trouble with your cable provider tonight. And if you were a Time Warner subscriber, customer support would get around to you sometime the morning after the fight. » 5/03/15 2:45am Today 2:45am

Councilman Pees While Wearing Hot Mic, Totally Doesn't Wash Hands

In a (presumably unintentional) tribute to HBO’s The Jinx, a city councilman in Georgetown, Texas recently took a bathroom break while wearing a live microphone. Unlike Jinx star Robert Durst, however, the councilman did not seemingly confess to several murders and just peed instead, to the obvious delight of the… » 5/02/15 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm