Here's Kim Davis's Mugshot

Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who was jailed Thursday, now has a mugshot. The image shows Davis to be about 5’5” tall (including her hair), which is apparently an ideal height for standing behind counters and telling same-sex couples they should go somewhere else to receive the marriage certificates they are allowed… »9/03/15 9:30pmYesterday 9:30pm

500 Days of Kristin, Day 221: Kristin. Would It Kill You to Try.

Today, Kristin Cavallari–whose debut book about “really just everything” in her life hits shelves in 279 days—published an article on her app titled “Fall Shoe Style.” It is, apparently, the final installment in her series of “fall trend” posts; Kristin previously recommended “menswear,” “pleated maxi skirts,” and … »9/03/15 6:07pmYesterday 6:07pm

Cop Sparks Huge Manhunt After Allegedly Shooting Up His Car, Calling in False Report

Police in Millis, Massachusetts, spent hours on Wednesday searching for a man who shot at a moving police cruiser, causing its driver to crash and the cruiser to catch fire. Today, the Millis Police Department said it believes that the officer who reported the shooting concocted an imaginary story about an attack »9/03/15 5:09pmYesterday 5:09pm

Kim Davis' Deputies Agree to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses While She's Locked Up

After Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis was held in contempt of court and locked up Thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples “on God’s authority,” five of her six deputy clerks told a judge they would begin issuing the licenses as the law requires. »9/03/15 3:53pmYesterday 3:53pm

Teen Girls Give the Best Dating Advice On This Period Tracking App

My new favorite app is: myPill, a pink- and purple-colored period and birth control pill tracker that costs $4.99 in the app store. I bought it this week on the recommendation of my younger sister, and I’m glad I did. The price is probably not worth it for the main pill reminder feature—just set a regular alarm!—but… »9/03/15 3:00pmYesterday 3:00pm

Is Shop Jeen's Viral Success Story All Window Dressing?

For a certain type of internet-fluent teenager, Shop Jeen is an unsurpassed mecca of cool. The retailer’s homepage looks as if a sex-crazed Hello Kitty threw up after drinking 1,000 jello shots, selling things like “Turnt Jesus” iPhone cases, “University of Bad Bitches” sweatshirts and T-shirts screaming “Ask Your… »9/03/15 2:48pmYesterday 2:48pm

"Gone Girl" Kidnapping Suspect Confesses to Reporter Off the Record

Matthew Muller, the prime suspect in a California kidnapping that’s become known as the “Gone Girl” case because police initially believed the victim faked the crime, agreed to tell a reporter a few things “off the record” in a jailhouse interview. One of those things was apparently that he did it, Wired’s Kevin… »9/03/15 2:24pmYesterday 2:24pm

Weekend Rain Should Help Firefighters Battle Raging Fires in the Northwest

The United States is in a weather drought right now—there’s not much to talk about outside of the tropics. However, this weekend will feature some active weather in an area they need it the most. Heavy rain is possible in the interior northwest around Idaho and Montana over the next several days, potentially aiding… »9/03/15 2:04pmYesterday 2:04pm