Dutch Man Charged With Cyberbullying Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd's cyberbully has reportedly been found. A 35-year-old Dutch man who was arrested in January for indecent assault and child pornography is now suspected of having been the man who tormented Todd, who committed suicide at 15 years old in 2012. » 4/18/14 11:00am Today 11:00am

Lindsay Lohan Reveals Why She Wrote the "Fuck List" in the First Place

Lindsay Lohan's alleged handwritten list of everyone she's ever had sex with made huge waves in the gossip press—In Touch alone milked it for 5 stories, dragging out the revelation of a few famous names—and that's probably exactly how Lindsay wanted it. She's now using the story to tease the season finale of Lindsay. » 4/18/14 10:30am Today 10:30am

Pharrell's "Happy" Is Significantly Less Happy Without the Music

Musicless music videos can make any song creepier than the original—just ask Nirvana—but this edit of Grammy-winning human hat-rack Pharrell Williams's "Happy" is notable because of how much buoyant optimism was sucked out to produce ... well, whatever this is. » 4/18/14 9:34am Today 9:34am

Accused Portland Teen: “I Didn’t Piss in the Fucking Water”

The Oregon teenager accused of urinating into a Portland reservoir, causing the city to dump more than 38 million gallons of treated water, has denied the allegations: "I didn't piss in the fucking water," Dallas Swonger said in an interview with Vocativ. » 4/18/14 9:06am Today 9:06am

Meet the Maids Who Clean Manhattan's Filthy Apartments and Messy Lives


» 4/18/14 12:00pm 53 minutes ago

What really goes on in Manhattan's glass apartments? To welcome back Lifetime's primetime drama Devious Maids, Studio@Gawker sent out a reporter to ask three real-life New York City housecleaners about their jobs, their lives, and their clients. Here's the dirt she dug up. [Note: All names have been changed with the… » 4/18/14 12:00pm 53 minutes ago

Watch a Food Truck Pioneer Use Oreo Cookies to Remix Fried Chicken

Playing with your food can be fun, but what about hacking your food? Oreo thinks that's even better. That's why they've launched their Snack Hack initiative by giving Roy Choi a bag of Oreo cookies: they wanted to see how the Godfather of food trucks might remix a snack that's done pretty well on its own for the last… » 4/16/14 4:00pm Wednesday 4:00pm