Viral Hate Campaign Used a Photo of an Afghan Women's Rights Hero

The photo above depicts Malalai Kakar, a pioneering female police officer who aided "victims of domestic violence, rape, and forced marriage" before the Taliban murdered her in 2008. Her photographer was shocked to find conservatives using the image this month in a viral anti-Muslim campaign. » 9/22/14 1:21pm 14 minutes ago

Man in Wheelchair Crowd Surfs During Kanye West Performance

A week after being wrongly accused of berating a disabled fan, Kanye West achieved ultimate redemption last night in Chicago when a man in a wheelchair crowd surfed during his performance at Common's AAHH! Festival. » 9/22/14 1:09pm 26 minutes ago

Rand Paul Is Running for President in the Most Obnoxious Way Possible

Libertarians are having a moment or something, and there is much excitement over the possibility of a presidential run by a bizarrely coiffed amateur ophthalmologist and civil-rights opponent. How could he be more obnoxious? By staking his candidacy on Silicon Valley brogrammers. » 9/22/14 12:56pm 39 minutes ago

​New Fall TV: Should I Watch Forever?

If you like shows where an adorable non-cop hangs out with a sassy-yet-grounded cop, or vice versa, then you are in luck, because nobody is more adorable than Ioan Gruffudd and nobody is more grounded than Alana de la Garza. Forever's on ABC Tuesdays at 10/9c., with a special two-night premiere thing starting tonight. » 9/22/14 11:55am Today 11:55am

Water at New York Times Building Is Reportedly Contaminated

PSA: Don’t drink the water at The New York Times Manhattan headquarters. According to an internal memo distributed this morning, two staffers at the paper’s 8th Avenue office, near Times Square, have fallen ill due to suspected water contamination. The memo’s author, vice chairman Michael Golden, said certain water,… » 9/22/14 10:56am Today 10:56am

John Oliver Wants to Know: How Is Miss America Still a Thing?

The annual, televised Miss America Pageant is perhaps best known as a bizarre, voyeuristic, occasionally hilarious sideshow to what purports to be a philanthropic cause—Miss America has long claimed to be the "largest provider of scholarships to women." Turns out, that's mostly true and dizzyingly complicated. "And… » 9/22/14 10:17am Today 10:17am

Teen Girl Dies After Being Taken From Rutgers Frat House "In Distress"

Police are investigating the death of 19-year-old Rutgers University student Caitlyn Kovacs, who was pronounced dead in the hospital less than 20 minutes after friends carried her out of a frat house "in distress" at 3 a.m. on Sunday. The hospital thinks her death "may have been alcohol-related." » 9/22/14 10:10am Today 10:10am

#X Is The Little Hashtag That Could (Save Lives)

At this point, it's pretty obvious people who text and drive are the spawn of a very technologically-savvy Satan. It's just bad news, guys, and it doesn't matter if you're talking to your mom, your friend, or your long-lost boyfriend from fifth grade who just might be your soulmate — turn your phone on silent or pull… » 9/22/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm